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Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm going home today!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!!!!!!

I was shocked.  It STILL was not my OB today, but her partner came in and said she she has good OB, my peri and my OB's partner had a meeting and decided that because my numbers have been stable for an entire weekend, they will allow me to go home and monitor my own blood pressure (3x a day) *as long as* I do very strict bedrest at home.  She said no taking care of Ella, really no nothing- I have to do just what I do here, which is lay around and be bored to tears.  She made me promise that I have childcare full time.

Let's not get crazy here, it's still not going to be fun at home (especially now that I can't cheat!), and it will be a lot harder not having every meal brought to me (I guess I need a refrigerator upstairs?), but to have my OWN bed, my own tv, my DVR!  Being there before Ella goes to bed and when she wakes up.  Uh, heaven!

She did say the high amount of protein in my urine basically means I am on the road to getting pre-e again (it can mean other things like damaged kidneys) so it's very likely that my BP will go up, and the same thing will happen as last time so I'm definitely taking this seriously (I promise!).


  1. Awesome news! At least you will be a little more comfortable and get to see Ella more! Yay!

  2. So happy for you! Enlist friends to come by and visit you mid-day as much as made my bedrest SO much more manageable to know I had a friend coming to have lunch with.