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Friday, November 18, 2011


Ella pooped in the potty tonight!!!  This girl is going to potty train herself with no help from us...perfect for lazy parents. ;)

The only problem is that I've been promising her chocolate for weeks and weeks if she poops in the potty.  Funny, because she's never even had chocolate so she doesn't know what it is, but I planned on giving her m&m's when we train her.  I wasn't home tonight so Gary didn't give her chocolate, and now I feel like a liar!  I just happen to have chocolate in my hospital room though so I'm going to give her a little bit tomorrow and explain that it is because she pooped in the potty...she probably won't understand, but she deserves a little treat for her accomplishment!

And yes, I understand that the fact that she pees in the potty every night and now has pooped in the potty means she is ready to be potty trained, but it's kind of hard to potty train when you are being falsely imprisoned.  Plus, I don't want to officially start until after the baby comes since I feel like I'll do all this work, and then she'll regress because of the baby.  I think I'll start when the baby is around 8-12 weeks old so hopefully I'll have my sanity back. :)

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