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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bedrest Update

I had my weekly OB appointment today, and it went great!  I'm now on sort of modified bedrest- woo hoo!!  Not really, but she said while I'm still on bedrest, I can take care of Ella when I don't have childcare...this is a huge relief to me, since as you know, my main concern was time with Ella.  And now I feel like my once a week "cheat" couple hours isn't really cheating as much. ;)  I do need to really not do more than that though because it's obviously been working...
  • BP is still low
  • I LOST a pound (not from lack of eating given my diet of candy bars and french fries so a definite indication of less swelling!)
  • She said I look less swollen
So now I only have to go every 2 weeks to the OB (still every 4 weeks to the peri).  I'm also still being threatend with hospitalization if *anything* changes so trust me, I'm not going to take advantage!

The bad news is that she once again said she does not believe I will make it to January, and she is thinking I will deliver at 36 or 37 weeks (if I make it that far) even if I don't have pre-e at that point because they weigh the risks and benefits, and at that point, the risks outweigh the benefits of keeping the baby in since the baby is term, but I am so high risk and have such a great chance of getting pre-e.  I'm so bummed...I really really didn't want a Christmas baby.  36 weeks would be December 16th so that's what I'm hoping for because 37 weeks is December 23rd- that would be awful...his birthday would be way too close to Christmas, and I'd be in the hospital on Christmas day!!  I'm wondering if she might do the week after Christmas because obviously she doesn't want to be in the hospital then either!  I'd still much rather have him December 16th, but I guess the week after Christmas will be better than the 23rd.

Our "goal" is for me to make it to at least 35 weeks, and I really think I will this time!

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  1. Happy to hear you're doing better! December 16th sounds like a good week.

    Can't wait to you can start making those beautiful hair clips again... we need some new ones!