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Sunday, November 20, 2011

It Finally Happened...

After 64 hours with virtually no sleep, I finally got some sleep last night!  Not as much as I'd want, but hey, I'm not complaining.  It only took...64 hours of no sleep, a humidifier, my own blanket from home, my own pillow from home, an Ambien, covering the tv up with a sweatshirt (they don't turn off) and turning off the giant computer monitor.  That's all. :)

I have this thing about taking drugs when I'm pregnant or breastfeeding so I'm really hesitant to take Ambien, but my nurse said you can take one a night, and it will not hurt the baby.  Hmm.  She said I really need to take one a night if necessary and get sleep here since after baby I can't!

It would have been nice if the lady from the lab didn't come in my room and wake me up at 5:15 A.M. to draw my blood.  I mean, really?  I was kind of annoyed because they came early 2 days ago to take my blood as well, but my nurse that night wouldn't let them come in because she said I needed sleep, and she did it herself when I woke up.  I wish this nurse would have done that.  I know they need the lab results early in case you start having issues and need an emergency-c or whatever, but sheesh.

The other issue that is NOT helping with the sleep situation (or my general discomfort) is that I have to keep track of all my pee (sorry if tmi)!!  Can you imagine how irritating it is for a PREGNANT LADY, who pees at least every hour, to have to pee into that stupid little hat, measure the pee, write down the amount and time and then pour it back into the toilet?!  During the day is bad enough, but over night, it wakes you up a little more each time you go...I need to talk to my doctor about this situation. 

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