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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today is the Day I Had Ella

33 weeks 5 days

If we do the c/s on Friday, I'm hoping that those 2 extra days will make a huge difference, and we will have an easier time and shorter stay in the NICU.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This HAS to be a Record.

Being admitted to the hospital 4 times in a week and a half?  Three of those four times within 5 days???  That's right, I was admitted once again today.

I had my OB appointment this afternoon, and I knew my BP would be up since I was sitting in the waiting room for almost an hour by the time I got into the room.  I could feel my legs swelling up as I sat there.  It was 160/105.

I almost started crying in her office (and felt so stupid), and I told her how stressful it's been being on bedrest, that I'm not handling it well, that I've been so upset all the time, feel lonely, miss my time with Ella, was crying to Gary last night, etc.  I just need some answers.  An end date to this nonsense.

I also told her how I've been having dull headaches on and off since Friday, but I think they are sinus related (she said I don't know that, and pre-e headaches can vary in severity).  I also have started to feel very fuzzy in the head, and although I haven't had visual disturbances in terms of tunnel vision, etc., I can tell something is going on with my vision, but I can't explain it- I just can't see right (same thing happened with Ella).  So clearly, I'm very much on the edge.

She didn't like how I looked in general.  I'm even more swollen (especially my face), and I've gained 5 lbs. in a week (which is better than the weeks I gained TEN pounds- gotta love swelling).

Sooooo, she said, "I really want to admit you."  I BEGGED her not to send me to the hospital again.  We went back and forth.  And this is why I LOVE her so much- she is seriously the best OB in town- she tries to do everything possible to keep me happy and stress-free.  She said as a doctor and knowing my history and current protein levels, she could not in good faith send me home with a BP reading of 160/105.  So if I would go to the hospital today and my BP readings stabilized, she would let me go home tonight AND I could cancel my fetal monitoring appointment tomorrow...woot woot! 

HOWEVER, she said if she didn't take my stress level and feelings into consideration, she would deliver me TODAY.  She said she would call my peri and recommend that they section me on Friday!!!!

So back to the hospital I went.  As I predicted, my readings went down and down and down.  So I was permitted to go home.  I have to go back on Thursday for fetal monitoring, and she said to bring my bag and be prepared for surgery that day. :(  I asked the nurse what she would do if my BP and labs were still ok...would we do the c/s Friday?  Or Monday as I am pushing for?  She said we are really taking things one day at a time with me so she will make that determination on Thursday.

What does all this mean?  I will have a preemie again, and I will likely have a preemie on Thursday or Friday.  Ugh.

I Wish This For Ella...

But the great part is that she WILL have this ability once she has her own daughter!  It's not until then that you realize how much your parents love you, and how much they sacrificed for you. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Rollercoaster Continues...

They admitted me to the hospital AGAIN this morning!!  COME ON!  I went in for fetal monitoring, and my BPs were not good:

The even worse part is that the first one was reclining on my back, and the rest were almost completely laying down on my left side, which usually makes my numbers go way down.

Soooo, they called my OB, and she said they had to admit me again to monitor my BP for a while.  Thankfully, the nice nurse told her that I *really* wanted to go home so they promised that if my BP went down and stayed stable, I could probably go home.

I was once again wheeled down to labor and delivery, and my first reading there was 155/94!!  Sheesh!  But the rest were:

These were all taken completely laying down on my left side.  Can I just say how annoying it is to me that they keep making me take my BP like this?  It lowers my readings by AT LEAST 15 points since my arm is above my heart rather than the proper way to take BP, which is in a sitting position with your arm the same level as your heart.  I wasn't going to argue because all I wanted was to go home, and clearly it was working to make my numbers lower, but on the other hand, it scares me because they are really false readings so they aren't recording my true sitting BP, and I'm afraid that I'll suddenly get as sick as I did with Ella.  Blah.

The nurse even said, "you're just hanging on.  we're just trying to get the lowest numbers possible to keep baby in as long as possible."  I wanted to say, "but they aren't real numbers!!"

In any event, after 4 hours, they called my OB again, and she said I could go home...Yippee!  However, thanks to my BP's little 1.5 hour spike, I now have to do fetal monitoring at the hospital every other day!  I almost said, "well then just admit me because it's more of a PITA for me to have to drive all the way to the hospital every other day".

I really have a feeling that my days at home are numbered.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


better known as "Santa Claus" is Ella's new obsession, and it's pretty cute.  She about freaked when she saw our neighbors who have a blow up lighted Santa and lights on their I'm bummed we're not doing much outdoor decorating since Gary really doesn't have the time to put up all the lights and things when he has to do all the errands, cooking, taking care of ella, laundry, cleaning, etc.  The first year she would really appreciate it, and we can't do it!  However, we are going to take her to look at lights in this AMAZING neighborhood down the street from us- she's going to love it!

Christmas is going to be so fun this year!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Liar Liar

Ella told her first real lie today!  Gary went to pick up dinner, and our of nowhere she says, "daddy ripped my book".  I didn't know what she was talking about, and then I saw one of her books laying on the ground with the back page completely ripped apart and the tabs all pulled out.  I told her we had to put it away since she ripped it, and she said, "no daddy ripped".  She has never done that before so I thought maybe Gary did accidentally rip it, and I asked him when he got home, and he said, "NO!  She did it!"  Then he made her apologize to me for was so funny...he goes, "say sorry to mommy for lying", and she says in that cute little quiet voice, "sowy mommy", and Gary says, "who ripped the book Ella?", and she goes, "Ella did".

But aside from the compulsive lying, does anyone else find this age the GREATEST?  I'm not sure if she's growing up, or if she knows the baby is coming soon so she's being extra good, but in the past month or so, she seems more mature.  She is becoming so sweet and really hilarious.  She has just been so good all the time (even during the 3+ hours of hospital monitoring on Friday).  It's almost like she feels bad for me and knows she needs to be really good right now since we are essentially a one parent household for the time being.  Her speech has exploded, which may be helping as well because she can express herself and her needs very well.  She's finally even starting to help clean up her toys, which she would never do before.  She is extremely affectionate, always wanting to hug and kiss us.  I am LOVING this time with her.  I have a feeling this behavior won't last long after the baby comes, but at least I have a record of how fabulous it has been lately for when she throws a block at the baby's head or tries to push him off the couch.  ;)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hospital Monitoring

I had my hospital monitoring today, which I thought would take about 30 minutes since they were just supposed to monitor the baby (20 mins), take my BP and take blood.  It ended up being over 3 hours because they were deciding if I had to be re-admitted...I wish I would have known this since we brought Ella!  They did initially have me in fetal diagnostics to do the 20 minutes of baby monitoring, BP check and an u/s to check fluid levels, but then they made me go to maternity triage to monitor me for over 2 hours and wait for lab results (which are still fine).

My BP readings were all over the place- two in the 140's over 80's, one 160/89 (very bad) and two in the low 130's over 80's, which is fine.  I get MUCH lower readings if I lay on my left side (vs. sitting up in bed) so they told me to take it that way from now on.

I don't think my OB would have let me go home, but luckily the on call OB said he would let me go argument from me!  He said I have pre-e, it's just a matter of when it's going to hit so I can just keep monitoring myself at home.  I am to come to the hospital if I get multiple readings of 140/90 over a 6 hour period OR if I have blurred vision or a headache that won't go away.  I did have a dull headache all day today, but I think it was due to dehydration and not pre-e (I hope?).  My BP readings the rest of the day were fine...130's over 80's except one 134/95.

I have to go back to the hospital on Monday for more monitoring, and then I have an OB appointment on Tuesday.  I am SO over all this monitoring and appointments!  But hey, at least I'm not working...can you imagine doing all this if you were still working?!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I got Ella this cute little "turkey" dress to wear with her knee high boots- so cute!

This is Rylee's normal position during dinner...begging...

Somehow once the pumpkin pie was served, Ella also learned how to beg...

A little silliness once the tryptophan kicked in...

And the only good part about being on strict cleaning duty!

I am so thankful this year for being able to celebrate turkey day with family and not in the hospital!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Think I May Be Heading Back?

*EDITED*- I think it's ok...some readings are ok, and some are on the high side, but not like they were.

My blood pressure readings keep being on the high side. :(  The systolic (top number) is ranging between 131 and 155 (155 is outrageously high for me), and the diastolic (bottom number) seems to be staying really high between 90-99.  The doctor said it's a problem when I get multiple readings of around 160/90 so we're almost there.  It's NOT from lack of bedrest...I have not cheated at all.  Not even so much as picked Ella up.

I'm still not having the headaches or visual disturbances, which indicate swelling in (or around?) the brain, and which I had really bad last time so I feel good about that.

It looks like we very well may have another preemie on our hands.  NOOOO!!!!  And Ella wasn't born for 7 more days!

Edited...just took it was 142/86 so that's better.  Still high for me, but not terrible.

Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm going home today!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!!!!!!

I was shocked.  It STILL was not my OB today, but her partner came in and said she she has good OB, my peri and my OB's partner had a meeting and decided that because my numbers have been stable for an entire weekend, they will allow me to go home and monitor my own blood pressure (3x a day) *as long as* I do very strict bedrest at home.  She said no taking care of Ella, really no nothing- I have to do just what I do here, which is lay around and be bored to tears.  She made me promise that I have childcare full time.

Let's not get crazy here, it's still not going to be fun at home (especially now that I can't cheat!), and it will be a lot harder not having every meal brought to me (I guess I need a refrigerator upstairs?), but to have my OWN bed, my own tv, my DVR!  Being there before Ella goes to bed and when she wakes up.  Uh, heaven!

She did say the high amount of protein in my urine basically means I am on the road to getting pre-e again (it can mean other things like damaged kidneys) so it's very likely that my BP will go up, and the same thing will happen as last time so I'm definitely taking this seriously (I promise!).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It Finally Happened...

After 64 hours with virtually no sleep, I finally got some sleep last night!  Not as much as I'd want, but hey, I'm not complaining.  It only took...64 hours of no sleep, a humidifier, my own blanket from home, my own pillow from home, an Ambien, covering the tv up with a sweatshirt (they don't turn off) and turning off the giant computer monitor.  That's all. :)

I have this thing about taking drugs when I'm pregnant or breastfeeding so I'm really hesitant to take Ambien, but my nurse said you can take one a night, and it will not hurt the baby.  Hmm.  She said I really need to take one a night if necessary and get sleep here since after baby I can't!

It would have been nice if the lady from the lab didn't come in my room and wake me up at 5:15 A.M. to draw my blood.  I mean, really?  I was kind of annoyed because they came early 2 days ago to take my blood as well, but my nurse that night wouldn't let them come in because she said I needed sleep, and she did it herself when I woke up.  I wish this nurse would have done that.  I know they need the lab results early in case you start having issues and need an emergency-c or whatever, but sheesh.

The other issue that is NOT helping with the sleep situation (or my general discomfort) is that I have to keep track of all my pee (sorry if tmi)!!  Can you imagine how irritating it is for a PREGNANT LADY, who pees at least every hour, to have to pee into that stupid little hat, measure the pee, write down the amount and time and then pour it back into the toilet?!  During the day is bad enough, but over night, it wakes you up a little more each time you go...I need to talk to my doctor about this situation. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some Positivity...

Some cuddle time with my baby girl...

She loves to kiss and hug her baby brother...

My office sent me flowers!  Could it be a more perfect day to receive such pretty flowers, when I've been on the verge of tears all really brightened my day.

My room has a partial ocean view...

Hospital Update #5

Frustration and sadness.  That is how I feel.

My OB *still* didn't make rounds today, and today it wasn't even the other OB from her practice, it was one from their general large group, who said she has no way of contacting my OB.  Thanks.

First of all, I AM NOT GOING HOME BEFORE BABY.  Period.  No matter how long.  I want to cry.  Given my history and the large amount of protein in my urine already, they cannot allow me to go home because I need constant monitoring.  So I will be in the hospital for Thanksgiving.  :(

My bp is still fine today (I think 126 over 73 or something), as I noted below, protein is high- 2,000.  The OB today said that is moderate.

The OB today didn't have the wonderful bedside manner that my OB has so it just made it a bit worse.  I'm already just emotional lately.  I was trying to tell her I just feel really frustrated, I miss my baby, I cannot be in here for 6 weeks, but of course she basically told me what I already knew that we have to do what is best for the baby, which is keeping him in as long as possible (duh, of course I know that), and that to her, 34 weeks sounds really early so if my bp stays as is, I will be in this prison a lot longer than two weeks. 

So I asked her if basically we are just waiting to see what my bp does, and we won't deliver unless/until my bp spikes, and she said no, if my labs go bad (which I know won't happen- they were good the day we delivered ella- the labs look for HELLP) OR I start having any of the pre-e symptoms (even if my bp is still ok), which are things like ongoing headache, visual disturbances, blurry vision or pain under the right breast.  By this point with Ella, I was having a lot of the symptoms, but I didn't know they were symptoms of pre-e.

If it weren't for Ella, this would be 1,000 times easier.  Is hospital bedrest fun for 4 or 6 weeks?  Uh, no.  But I could totally do it with no kid at home.  I'm missing her more and more, I'm getting emotional, I'm totally bored, I don't feel like myself because I literally do NOT sleep at night (wide awake all night), and I feel bad because I know this is inconvenient for everyone.  Poor Gary has to drive Ella here 1-2 times a day, which is up to two hours of drive time a day alone.  He is now going to try and leave work early every Tuesday and Thursday to pick her up from school and bring her here, which obviously isn't good for his career.  My mom now has to bring her here the days she has her, and we don't know what we're going to do on Mondays and Fridays from now on, especially since I don't think any of our nannies can do full days (if they can even do Mondays or Fridays at all).  And don't get me started on the petty things like having basically NO tv can I survive without Real Housewives and having to watch commercials??  I'm stressed, sad and frustrated.

I'm sorry for the total pity party post.  I'm just so sad today!  My eyes keep watering, and I'm trying not to cry.  I think it's a lot from lack of sleep.  I know I'm being a total complainer, and it could be a lot worse so I just need to buck up!  Maybe tomorrow.

So, I probably won't have as many updates now since nothing is going to change unless my BP spikes.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Ella pooped in the potty tonight!!!  This girl is going to potty train herself with no help from us...perfect for lazy parents. ;)

The only problem is that I've been promising her chocolate for weeks and weeks if she poops in the potty.  Funny, because she's never even had chocolate so she doesn't know what it is, but I planned on giving her m&m's when we train her.  I wasn't home tonight so Gary didn't give her chocolate, and now I feel like a liar!  I just happen to have chocolate in my hospital room though so I'm going to give her a little bit tomorrow and explain that it is because she pooped in the potty...she probably won't understand, but she deserves a little treat for her accomplishment!

And yes, I understand that the fact that she pees in the potty every night and now has pooped in the potty means she is ready to be potty trained, but it's kind of hard to potty train when you are being falsely imprisoned.  Plus, I don't want to officially start until after the baby comes since I feel like I'll do all this work, and then she'll regress because of the baby.  I think I'll start when the baby is around 8-12 weeks old so hopefully I'll have my sanity back. :)

Hospital Update #4

**UPDATE**...I'll do update #5 after my OB makes rounds tomorrow morning, but for my records, my 24 hour urine results came back at 2,000 (very high).  For comparison, normal value is less than 150 milligrams within 24 hours.  However, my number was 8,000 with Ella so it's still a lot lower than last time.  I do not think they will be letting me leave.  Hope to get more info tomorrow morning.

I'm so confused.

So as noted below, my nurse came in this morning after my OB's partner did rounds, and she said my OB and my perinatologist had discussed my situation, and no matter what the results of my 24 hour urine are, I will remain in the hospital until the baby comes.  Fine.

But then about 15 minutes ago, my peri made rounds, and told me that HER recommendation is that I do strict bedrest at home and take my blood pressure twice a day.  No need for daily protein dips since I'm already at +3, which is the highest the strips test.

Now I'm totally confused.  So might I be going home?  Or did my OB decide against the peri's recommendation and just decide to keep me here regardless?

My peri said that I officially do not have pre-e.  Even if my 24 hour comes back at 8,000 like it did with Ella, it would still be considered just protein in my urine, and they will not deliver for that reason alone.  She said I *must* have the high blood pressure for it to be pre-e and to justify an early delivery.

I guess that's good, but I had accepted the fact that I was probably going to have him at 34 weeks, I was happy with the date, and I could deal with being here for 2 weeks.  Now I'm once again completely stressing.  I don't think I can handle being here for more than 2 weeks.  My peri said, "hey you may just make it to 38 weeks!"  Um, NO.  I refuse to be stuck in this hospital for 6 weeks.  I refuse.  If I didn't have a toddler at home, maybe.  But I WILL NOT be away from her for 90% of the day for 6 weeks.

I just need to talk to my doctor.  It sucks because she didn't do rounds today so I talked to her partner, now I've gotten conflicting information from the peri, and although they will talk to my OB after my results come back (they've already sent the urine to the lab), *I* won't get to talk to her.  I wish she'd come in or call me.  I need some answers.  She is REALLY good about being understanding and working around my fears and concerns.

Now Gary is stressing because he really does NOT want me to do bedrest at home.  He knows I cheat.  And I can't deny that my swelling has gone down tremendously in the short time I've been hospitalized, and I feel better.  My fingers *almost* look normal.  My peri was saying that even if I'm in bed most of the day at home, even having to make meals can make a difference.  Plus, at home, I'm constantly going up and down the stairs to get food, get a drink, let Rylee out to pee, whatever.  So even when I think I'm doing strict bedrest, I guess I'm really not.

Someone tell me what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hospital Update #3

**EDITED** My OB talked to my perinatologist, and they said no matter what the results of my 24 hour urine, I AM NOT GOING HOME before baby comes.  They also agreed that pretty much no matter what my 24 hour results are, they plan on keeping the baby in until my bp and/or labs become a problem.

My OB's partner came in for rounds this morning.  Sadness.  It's pretty much 99.9% that I an NOT going home. :(

We won't know anything 100% until they get the 24 hour urine results (like if they are really bad I may be delivering tomorrow), but she said, "Please don't get your hopes up about going home.  I really don't think you're leaving here before you have the baby."  The reason is that even though my bp is still good (128 over 79 today), things change SO quickly with pre-e that you can have great results one day and start having seizures the next so they want me to be constantly monitored.  My brain understands and knows that this is best for the baby (and me), but my heart just wants to be home with my family!!

They already got my lab results from this morning, and those are the same as yesterday so she is happy there has been no change there.

I told her this is killing me because I'm so Type A that I just need to know what's going am I going to have this baby in the next couple days, or will I be here for 2 more weeks?  Again, we won't know ANYTHING until the 24 hour results come back, but I tried to give her some scenarios.  She said that even if the 24 hour results come back bad, since my bp is still low and my labs are good, they will likely keep the baby in until the bp starts to creep up and/or laps start going haywire.

She said 34 weeks is the big number so they want to keep him in until then, if possible.  That will be December 2nd.  At this point, I'm fine with that.  I was hoping to get to 35 weeks, but knowing that I will no way make it past Christmas, I'd rather it be as far away from Christmas as possible.

She did say their goal is 36 weeks for me so we'll see.

Bottom line, she said they will keep the baby in as long as it is both healthy for me and him.

Hospital Update #2

Whose body can even fight off Ambien?  MINE can!

It all started last night when despite the fact I was dead tired, I couldn't even close my eyes.  Finally at around 11 p.m. (which is LATE for me!), my nurse offered me Ambien, which I rejected because I have this thing about taking drugs when I'm pregnant (I did this with percocet after my c/s, and believe me, I won't be making that mistake again).

So for the next 2.5 hours, I lay wide awake.  Not the awake where you are sort of sleeping, or tossing and turning, but the staring at the ceiling, watching tv, playing online, checking your phone kind of wide awake.  I got so frustrated that at 1:30 a.m., I finally asked the nurse if I could have an Ambien.  She is SO sweet- they are not supposed to give them out past 11 p.m., but I think she just felt so bad for me that she gave me one anyway.  She also asked if I wanted to play soft music or anything, and I told what I really needed was a fan because we sleep with a fan at home...she offered to go find a fan for my room!  How sweet is she?!  She never did, but at least she tried.

I was so excited for the Ambien to kick in, but I don't think it ever did.  I believe at most, I got two small stints of 30 minutes of sleep each from about 3:30 to 4:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.

I blame the hospital beds.  I really don't remember them being THIS uncomfortable last time, but it's like sleeping on a slab of concrete with 2 pieces of cardboard for pillows.  Really, is anyone able to sleep in the hospital???  Gary is bringing my pillow from home today so I think that will help tremendously! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hospital Update

It's been a crazy day!  Testing, blood pressure, ultrasounds, steroid shots, moving rooms, ella visiting.

It started with my OB appointment this morning- my protein dip was +3, which is high, and the same number the dip was when I was admitted to have Ella.  My OB said I could go home to get a bag, and then I had to go immediately to the hospital for labs, ultrasound and 24 hour urine testing.  I got to the hospital around 11 a.m. and was told I was not allowed to eat or drink in case I needed surgery today.  Once again, I was STARVING all day- I didn't get to eat until after 6 p.m., and all I had in the morning around 8:00 a.m. was a yogurt!

They won't let me leave so I have to spend the night and finish my 24 hour urine testing.  Basically everything is dependent on the results of my 24 hour.  My labs came back ok except for uric acid, which sounds great EXCEPT that when I had Ella, all my labs came back ok as well...except for uric acid!!  My blood pressure was 128 over 70 so we're still ok there- that is actually the ONLY difference so far than when I was hospitalized to have Ella.  I'm just praying that the 24 hour results come back low.  I am finished with the test at 1:45 p.m. tomorrow, but I'm not sure how long it takes to get the results back.  I got my first steroid shot (to mature the baby's lungs) at 12:45 today so I'll get another one tomorrow at the same time.

I'm really really hoping to be allowed to come home tomorrow, but both the nurse and my OB said based on my history, they don't think I'll be able to go home. :(  The good news is that I just found out that they have FREE internet access!!  Last time I was here they only had spotty pay access.  Yay!  This is extra good news because Gary was going to go buy a 3G ipad so I'd have internet access, and now we don't have to spend that money. ;)

We've kept in touch with our NICU nurse from when Ella was there, and she and I texted all afternoon, and then she came to visit me because she was working today.  She made me feel a lot better.  She said 32 weeks is not bad, and that every baby is different so even though we had a rough time with Ella for a while and she was farther along, that doesn't mean we won't have an easier time with this baby.  She also promised to be in the OR with me- she used to only work 2 days a week, but she now works 5 days a week so as long as I don't deliver on a weekend, she'll be there. :)

Ella and Gary came to visit around 4 p.m., and at first, Ella wanted nothing to do with me...I think she was scared of the hospital bed, the thing attached to my belly and arm, the sounds, etc.  She finally warmed up and wanted to cuddle on the bed with me.  Then when they had to leave she said, "mommy come?!"  When Gary said I have to stay here for the baby, she cried- it made my eyes water.  I hate being away from her more than anything.  We did take some photos (excuse her nasty school clothes with paint all over them- they came straight from school)...

I can't believe I'm even posting this photo, but you can sort of see how swollen my face is in this photo- huge nose, squinty eye, just gross...

This was her "pose" when I said we have to smile and pose for the camera!

This was her pouty lip when daddy took the phone to take a photo because she liked when we were taking them ourselves...

Generally I'm feeling ok- pretty much same as I have been.  I'm happy because they finally let me be off monitoring, which means no blood pressure monitor that squeezes your arm off every.single.15.minutes, no heartbeat monitor on my belly, and most importantly, no leg compression machines that beep constantly all.night.long. (those were a nightmare last time).  They will wake me up in the middle of the night to do one blood pressure monitoring, but I guess they won't really have to wake me up since I don't sleep for 1 second when I'm in the hospital.

My biggest fear right now is having another preemie.  Aside from the traumatic NICU stay, having a preemie is just rough.  The projectile vomiting 100 times a day, the developmental delays, just waiting for that smile that comes much later in a preemie is SO stressful.

Why can't my body just work right??????!!!!!!

Going to Hospital :(

Protein in urine again so I have to be admitted to the hospital. I'm only going to be 32 weeks tomorrow so we need to keep this baby in!

I guess I do need Christmas gifts for baby least I started a wishlist for him!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Dentist Appointment

Ella went to the dentist for the first time yesterday!
Photobucket Photobucket
It was pointless because she wouldn't open her mouth, and they won't force them, so we basically met the dentist and left! He said we need to come back in 6 months. He better be willing to force her mouth open at that point because he clearly is unaware of my child's stubbornness! At least it was nice to meet the dentist- I really liked him. He is the dad of one of the girl's in Ella's class!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girls' Night Out & Father of the Bride

I have been feeling worse and worse everyday...not good.  But I am so grateful for Jen, Molly, Tenille, Dee and Sarah who treated me to a wonderful girls' night out baby sprinkle dinner and fabulous gifts because they completely took my mind off how I'm feeling, made me laugh and I felt better than I have in days (it was another story when I got home and my feet had swollen to the size of pineapples and Gary had to rub them at 11 p.m.)!

I pretty much stayed in bed the rest of the weekend.  I feel like I may be getting sick, which doesn't help, but my entire body HURTS bad.  My knees, ankles, feet, hands...I can barely walk half the time.  It's the weirdest feeling, but it's as if my knees cannot support my body!  I can't remember if I felt this bad last time so I don't know if it's just swelling related or something else.  I also feel very loopy all the time.  I don't know how I'm going to make it much longer feeling like this!

The one bright spot is that Ella now loves to sit in bed with me (she's obsessed with pillows), and so we watched Father of the Bride together...her first viewing (of many)!  Ok, we watched about 15 minutes, but it was so fun to cuddle with her in bed and watch one of my very favorite movies of all time.  I haven't watched it since I've had her, and I was cracking up because I think George Banks is based on Gary!!  That will SO be him.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aprons, Burritos and Baby

I made Ella this cute little apron to carry around all her treasures.  She loves using her "purses", which can just be a reusable grocery bag, and filling them up with random toys so I think she'll love to tie this around her waist and fill it with toys.  I'm trying to save it for Christmas, but I may give it to her sooner.  I'm thinking of selling these in my Etsy store soon!

Breakfast Burritos
Does anyone else's husband love breakfast burritos?  I think it's a guy thing.  Gary loves them so I've been constantly buying those two pack of breakfast burritos at Trader Joes for him, but they are super small and around $3.00 (he can easily eat 2 at once so that adds up to $21/week if he eats them everyday!).  I got the idea online to make them from scratch in bulk and freeze them yourself!  Brilliant!

You can use whatever you like, but I did an entire bag of frozen breakfast potatoes mixed with about 3/4 cup chopped onions, some butter and salt and pepper.  I separately cooked about 12-14 eggs, to which I added 7 pieces of crumbled bacon.  Gary wanted sausage instead of bacon, but I had bacon left over from another recipe that I didn't want to waste so he'll have to wait until the next batch for sausage!  Now, if these were for me, you can be sure I'd add a bunch of shredded cheese to each burrito, but Gary wouldn't let me add cheese.  :(

This made NINE large burritos (it would have made 10, but I saved some of the insides for me to eat for breakfast)!  Easy and cheap!  After you make them, you throw them into the freezer like this to flash freeze them before you individually wrap them up.

We had another perinatologist appointment today.  We finally got to see baby boy in 4D (he's never been in the right position previously), but I can't remember if he looks like Ella.  I'm not big on posting ultrasound photos online, but if I can find Ella's 4D u/s photos, I may post one of each to see if you think they look alike yet. :)

He weighs 3 lbs. 7 oz., which seems really big to me for 31 weeks, but she said it's the 40th percentile so I guess it's not that big.  Ella was 4 lbs. 6 oz. at 33 weeks.

I'm really starting to feel like complete CRAP all.the.time., and I'm swelling like a beast (honestly, my face is like 6 times it's normal size and looks deformed), but my blood pressure was only 100 over 60 today so I'll take the swelling as long as my BP and protein in my urine stay low!!!!!!  Nonetheless, based on my swelling alone, it's looking less and less likely that I'll make it anywhere near January. :(

Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Brunch

Julie, Tracy, Kristyn and Jen took me out to brunch to celebrate baby boy!
Thank you so much girls for the adorable clothes and necessities and delicious brunch!!!  Julie brought us each the yummiest favors ever...Sprinkles cupcakes!

It was so fun having some kid-free girl time...we need to do that more often!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some More Craftiness

Ella's Thanksgiving dress that I made with a onesie and upholstery fabric for the skirt!

Coordinating Big Sister and Lil Bro shirts...

I made this easy dress for myself, which will look much cuter on when I'm not a pregnant whale! If you'd like to make one for yourself, the tutorial is HERE. Do yourself a favor and make it with a regular cotton like she did and not a very thin, stretchy jersey knit like I did! Also, she says just to get a cheap tank, but I would still use a better quality tank because even the tops of the cheap ones don't fit right and stretch all out looking sloppy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bedrest Update

I had my weekly OB appointment today, and it went great!  I'm now on sort of modified bedrest- woo hoo!!  Not really, but she said while I'm still on bedrest, I can take care of Ella when I don't have childcare...this is a huge relief to me, since as you know, my main concern was time with Ella.  And now I feel like my once a week "cheat" couple hours isn't really cheating as much. ;)  I do need to really not do more than that though because it's obviously been working...
  • BP is still low
  • I LOST a pound (not from lack of eating given my diet of candy bars and french fries so a definite indication of less swelling!)
  • She said I look less swollen
So now I only have to go every 2 weeks to the OB (still every 4 weeks to the peri).  I'm also still being threatend with hospitalization if *anything* changes so trust me, I'm not going to take advantage!

The bad news is that she once again said she does not believe I will make it to January, and she is thinking I will deliver at 36 or 37 weeks (if I make it that far) even if I don't have pre-e at that point because they weigh the risks and benefits, and at that point, the risks outweigh the benefits of keeping the baby in since the baby is term, but I am so high risk and have such a great chance of getting pre-e.  I'm so bummed...I really really didn't want a Christmas baby.  36 weeks would be December 16th so that's what I'm hoping for because 37 weeks is December 23rd- that would be awful...his birthday would be way too close to Christmas, and I'd be in the hospital on Christmas day!!  I'm wondering if she might do the week after Christmas because obviously she doesn't want to be in the hospital then either!  I'd still much rather have him December 16th, but I guess the week after Christmas will be better than the 23rd.

Our "goal" is for me to make it to at least 35 weeks, and I really think I will this time!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Elvis & The Bee

I forgot to add this video to my Halloween post below, but this is how excited Ella was about Trick or Treating!  Elvis is her boyfriend, Mason, and the running watermelon is Reese.