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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Liar Liar

Ella told her first real lie today!  Gary went to pick up dinner, and our of nowhere she says, "daddy ripped my book".  I didn't know what she was talking about, and then I saw one of her books laying on the ground with the back page completely ripped apart and the tabs all pulled out.  I told her we had to put it away since she ripped it, and she said, "no daddy ripped".  She has never done that before so I thought maybe Gary did accidentally rip it, and I asked him when he got home, and he said, "NO!  She did it!"  Then he made her apologize to me for was so funny...he goes, "say sorry to mommy for lying", and she says in that cute little quiet voice, "sowy mommy", and Gary says, "who ripped the book Ella?", and she goes, "Ella did".

But aside from the compulsive lying, does anyone else find this age the GREATEST?  I'm not sure if she's growing up, or if she knows the baby is coming soon so she's being extra good, but in the past month or so, she seems more mature.  She is becoming so sweet and really hilarious.  She has just been so good all the time (even during the 3+ hours of hospital monitoring on Friday).  It's almost like she feels bad for me and knows she needs to be really good right now since we are essentially a one parent household for the time being.  Her speech has exploded, which may be helping as well because she can express herself and her needs very well.  She's finally even starting to help clean up her toys, which she would never do before.  She is extremely affectionate, always wanting to hug and kiss us.  I am LOVING this time with her.  I have a feeling this behavior won't last long after the baby comes, but at least I have a record of how fabulous it has been lately for when she throws a block at the baby's head or tries to push him off the couch.  ;)