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Friday, November 18, 2011

Hospital Update #4

**UPDATE**...I'll do update #5 after my OB makes rounds tomorrow morning, but for my records, my 24 hour urine results came back at 2,000 (very high).  For comparison, normal value is less than 150 milligrams within 24 hours.  However, my number was 8,000 with Ella so it's still a lot lower than last time.  I do not think they will be letting me leave.  Hope to get more info tomorrow morning.

I'm so confused.

So as noted below, my nurse came in this morning after my OB's partner did rounds, and she said my OB and my perinatologist had discussed my situation, and no matter what the results of my 24 hour urine are, I will remain in the hospital until the baby comes.  Fine.

But then about 15 minutes ago, my peri made rounds, and told me that HER recommendation is that I do strict bedrest at home and take my blood pressure twice a day.  No need for daily protein dips since I'm already at +3, which is the highest the strips test.

Now I'm totally confused.  So might I be going home?  Or did my OB decide against the peri's recommendation and just decide to keep me here regardless?

My peri said that I officially do not have pre-e.  Even if my 24 hour comes back at 8,000 like it did with Ella, it would still be considered just protein in my urine, and they will not deliver for that reason alone.  She said I *must* have the high blood pressure for it to be pre-e and to justify an early delivery.

I guess that's good, but I had accepted the fact that I was probably going to have him at 34 weeks, I was happy with the date, and I could deal with being here for 2 weeks.  Now I'm once again completely stressing.  I don't think I can handle being here for more than 2 weeks.  My peri said, "hey you may just make it to 38 weeks!"  Um, NO.  I refuse to be stuck in this hospital for 6 weeks.  I refuse.  If I didn't have a toddler at home, maybe.  But I WILL NOT be away from her for 90% of the day for 6 weeks.

I just need to talk to my doctor.  It sucks because she didn't do rounds today so I talked to her partner, now I've gotten conflicting information from the peri, and although they will talk to my OB after my results come back (they've already sent the urine to the lab), *I* won't get to talk to her.  I wish she'd come in or call me.  I need some answers.  She is REALLY good about being understanding and working around my fears and concerns.

Now Gary is stressing because he really does NOT want me to do bedrest at home.  He knows I cheat.  And I can't deny that my swelling has gone down tremendously in the short time I've been hospitalized, and I feel better.  My fingers *almost* look normal.  My peri was saying that even if I'm in bed most of the day at home, even having to make meals can make a difference.  Plus, at home, I'm constantly going up and down the stairs to get food, get a drink, let Rylee out to pee, whatever.  So even when I think I'm doing strict bedrest, I guess I'm really not.

Someone tell me what is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry! I have no idea what my urine protien counts were, but I was admitted on a Monday and had to have the babies in an emergency c-section by Wednesday night. I delivered at 33.5 weeks. I was barely peeing at all, and was retaining all water at a crazy rate, and then boom my blood pressure skyrocketed.

    Hope you can get looked at tomorrow morning and have a good conversation with a doctor. I'll be thinking of you!