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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I Think I May Be Heading Back?

*EDITED*- I think it's ok...some readings are ok, and some are on the high side, but not like they were.

My blood pressure readings keep being on the high side. :(  The systolic (top number) is ranging between 131 and 155 (155 is outrageously high for me), and the diastolic (bottom number) seems to be staying really high between 90-99.  The doctor said it's a problem when I get multiple readings of around 160/90 so we're almost there.  It's NOT from lack of bedrest...I have not cheated at all.  Not even so much as picked Ella up.

I'm still not having the headaches or visual disturbances, which indicate swelling in (or around?) the brain, and which I had really bad last time so I feel good about that.

It looks like we very well may have another preemie on our hands.  NOOOO!!!!  And Ella wasn't born for 7 more days!

Edited...just took it was 142/86 so that's better.  Still high for me, but not terrible.

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