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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This HAS to be a Record.

Being admitted to the hospital 4 times in a week and a half?  Three of those four times within 5 days???  That's right, I was admitted once again today.

I had my OB appointment this afternoon, and I knew my BP would be up since I was sitting in the waiting room for almost an hour by the time I got into the room.  I could feel my legs swelling up as I sat there.  It was 160/105.

I almost started crying in her office (and felt so stupid), and I told her how stressful it's been being on bedrest, that I'm not handling it well, that I've been so upset all the time, feel lonely, miss my time with Ella, was crying to Gary last night, etc.  I just need some answers.  An end date to this nonsense.

I also told her how I've been having dull headaches on and off since Friday, but I think they are sinus related (she said I don't know that, and pre-e headaches can vary in severity).  I also have started to feel very fuzzy in the head, and although I haven't had visual disturbances in terms of tunnel vision, etc., I can tell something is going on with my vision, but I can't explain it- I just can't see right (same thing happened with Ella).  So clearly, I'm very much on the edge.

She didn't like how I looked in general.  I'm even more swollen (especially my face), and I've gained 5 lbs. in a week (which is better than the weeks I gained TEN pounds- gotta love swelling).

Sooooo, she said, "I really want to admit you."  I BEGGED her not to send me to the hospital again.  We went back and forth.  And this is why I LOVE her so much- she is seriously the best OB in town- she tries to do everything possible to keep me happy and stress-free.  She said as a doctor and knowing my history and current protein levels, she could not in good faith send me home with a BP reading of 160/105.  So if I would go to the hospital today and my BP readings stabilized, she would let me go home tonight AND I could cancel my fetal monitoring appointment tomorrow...woot woot! 

HOWEVER, she said if she didn't take my stress level and feelings into consideration, she would deliver me TODAY.  She said she would call my peri and recommend that they section me on Friday!!!!

So back to the hospital I went.  As I predicted, my readings went down and down and down.  So I was permitted to go home.  I have to go back on Thursday for fetal monitoring, and she said to bring my bag and be prepared for surgery that day. :(  I asked the nurse what she would do if my BP and labs were still ok...would we do the c/s Friday?  Or Monday as I am pushing for?  She said we are really taking things one day at a time with me so she will make that determination on Thursday.

What does all this mean?  I will have a preemie again, and I will likely have a preemie on Thursday or Friday.  Ugh.

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