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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Basketball and Luau

It was a busy Sunday...not only did I have my party, but Ella and Gary had the Indian Princess daddy daughter dance (luau theme), AND we found a week before that Everett had his first basketball game...but not just one game...TWO games.  Party, dance and 2 basketball games on one December...yikes!!!

Even though I couldn't go to either of Everett's games (which he was NOT happy about- oops), I heard he did awesome from Gary and some of the other moms, who sent me photos and videos.  He stole the ball all over the place and even scored!  I mean, his uncle did play for the Lakers! ;)

Favorite Things Party

I've wanted to host a holiday "favorite things" party forever, and I finally did it!  Everyone had to bring 4 gifts that costs $10 or less each.  When they arrived, everyone put their name on 4 pieces of paper and put them in a bowl.  Then each person picks 4 names from the bowl- the 4 names you pick are the 4 people you give your gifts to.  I completely forgot to take any photos during the party, but I least I got a few before it started.

Christmas Lights!

On Saturday, we had our 5th annual dinner and Christmas light outing with the god sisters!  But this year we started with a church holiday-fest, which the kids loved!  They had sledding on real snow, games, crafts, bounce houses and more!

Gary even ran into "Buddy", who was on the shirt he was wearing!

Then we headed to Corner Bakery...where we eat every year!

Then off to look at lights.  This year one of the houses had a projection of Santa and dancing elves and gingerbread men, and the kids were obsessed!!  We were cracking up as they were all trying to do the dance moves!

And of course we put them in Grinch time out every year. ;)

And the last four years...

Tree Lighting

On Friday, we went to the local tree lighting, where some of the kids' friends were also dancing, and it was so much fun!  They had Santa, the Grinch, games, cookie decorating, boutiques...really cute!

First Lost Tooth

Everett lost his first tooth on December 3rd!  The best part was that he pulled it out HIMSELF at our friend's house during the smoke off!

And it looked like the Tooth Fairy ran into Elfie that night. ;)

Smoke Off!

Smoking meat is big around here, and a couple of the guys decided to have a "smoke off" to see who smokes the best meat! ;)  It was so fun, and I'm still not really sure who won?

The day before Ella had a super fun painting party, and I was so impressed with how great the girls' paintings turned out!

Everett is SIX!

Everett turned 6 on December 1st!  Instead of a big party this year, we just did a small play date with a few of his buddies after school at 11:30 before the older kids got out. ;)

Friday, December 1, 2017

A Christmas Carol

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to see A Christmas Carol with friends, and it was the PERFECT way to kick off the holidays!!  We went to dinner at Roma's first...

Thanksgiving 2017

In the morning we ran the Turkey Trot OC 5k, and I think it will be our new tradition!  Even though the kids complained most of the way, it was such a great family activity!

We decorated the house all day, and then went to an early dinner...

This is how Everett did dinner...