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Wednesday, April 12, 2017


We took the kids to Legoland to kick off spring break (and celebrate Diana's birthday) was their first trip to LL and a really fun day!

Both Ella and Everett said this was their favorite ride...they rode it twice in a row!

All the little Lego cities were so cute...

And of course Star Wars land was a big hit...

Everett was super excited to meet Lego Batman and Lego ninja guy- he insisted on taking pictures with them by himself- no girls! ;)

Ride selfies!

I wanted to go to Vegas to celebrate Diana's birthday, and we kind of did! ;)

Posing at the drive your own Lego car ride...

We also did the aquarium, but didn't take any pictures.  After our long day, we headed back to La Costa and had dinner while the kids swam...such a great day!

Fun Fortieth

One of our good friends threw the best 40th birthday for her husband!  She held an all day golf tournament for 24 guys and then threw a super fun party for all the couples after!

Spring Stuff

Ella has always been deathly afraid of our chickens- she won't go anywhere near them.  I don't know what happened on March 30th, but she finally held a chicken!

Cute girls...

Ella had dress like your favorite Disney character day, and she told me that morning that she HAD to be Princess Leia, so this is the best I could do!

And apparently Everett's school does "spring photos"...has anyone ever heard of this?!  I had no idea they were even taking photos, but I thought they turned out pretty cute. ;)