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Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Pool: the best toy money can buy

The pool has turned out to be the BEST money we've spent on our house so far. Not just because of the cute tan lines it causes, or the fact that the kids are in it all day long every day (free babysitter!), but most importantly, because it took having a pool in our backyard to finally cure Everett's fear (terror really) of swimming!!!!

He had zero interest in swimming. He was perfectly happy sitting on the steps for hours. We even did the 9 day intensive swim program that guarantees your child will swim...unless your child is Everett. 

He went from refusing to swim or screaming bloody murder if you forced him, to having to drag out of the pool!! He loves it! The ONLY reason this happened is because we go swimming 20 times a day every single day. He still has a ways to go to be a strong swimmer, but he has made such amazing strides in such a short time! Bribing him with Star Wars items didn't hurt either. ;)

4th of July

It was a great day filled with a morning bike parade on our street, afternoon pool party with friends and a nighttime fireworks show!

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