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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Halloween 2017

Dress up day at dance...3 little kitties!

Pumpkin carving!  We let them do it all themselves (with a little knife help from daddy). ;)

Pumpkin patch with grandma and grandpa...

School costume parade...

And trick-or-treating with friends!

Red Ribbon Week

October means Red Ribbon Week to promote healthy habits...which also means dressing up all week!

Wear all red and wear the colors of the rainbow...

Pajama day!

Dress like a super hero

Sports/Active wear day...

Fall Birthdays, Etc.

Fall is crazy busy with birthdays for us...Ella even had 2 sleepovers on one night!!

Charlie's birthday...

Haley's spooky sleepover...

Ella and some of her friends did a skit in front of the entire school to tell them about the book fair...

Everett and I have been doing a lot of Chick fil A lunch dates with his friends since they get out at 11:23!

Even with our busy fall, we fit in a fun date night!

Ella is 8! Emoji Party

I'm so behind...Ella turned 8 on October 8th (her golden birthday!!) and had an emoji pool party.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Everett's Big Week

Everett was feeling a little jealous because Ella had another Indian Princess campout this past weekend, but his week turned out pretty great!  On Thursday, our friends invited he and Gary to the Angel game where one of his besties threw out the first pitch!!

As if that weren't enough, Mike Trout (his fav) threw a ball directly to him as he was running back to the dugout!

And he made it onto the jumbotron!!

On Friday, Ella and Gary left for camping, but Everett got a quick playdate after school, and then he got to spend the night at grandma's house which is a treat for him AND me! ;)  He was super excited to be there without Ella...he asked me if he could stay two nights!

Then on Saturday, he got to go see Ninjago with a couple friends and have dinner and shakes at the counter at Ruby's!

Gary's Birthday- Ribfest!

Gary decided he wanted to smoke some ribs for his friends for his birthday, so Ribfest 2017 it was!  We even hit the spa!

S'mores bar!