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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Last Game of the Season :(

So sad...we had Everett's last game of the season this morning!  I'm really going to miss baseball!  After the game we had the team party, where Everett was super excited to get his trophy and a baseball signed by his coaches!  His head coach had a ton of great things to say about him, including "he was definitely the best hitter on the team." He's one of the youngest on the team as well so go Everett, you baseball stud!!

And a little of the coaches was talking to us about how the teams are made as they get older (they draft players based on skill), and he said the heads of league already start following players at this age, and apparently, they were following two of the boys on our team, Everett being one of them!!!!  I think Gary almost started crying.  Proud papa. ;)

I just hope he wants to continue- it's so much fun for us!  I don't want to get my hopes too high though because he is definitely obsessed with hockey, and I'm told I can't FORCE him to play the sport I like best ;)~ so we shall see what sport he sticks with!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

So Behind! Summary: Part 1

I'm so behind on the blog! I guess I'll just do some highlights...

Ella keeps losing teeth and so do her friends...

She had another Indian princess camp...

Which means Everett had a fun bowling night with a buddy...

The pool construction is still the hottest topic at school, and Ella and her friends are dying to swim in it!

Everett is still a baseball stud...
But he also started hockey, which I'm afraid might be his true love because he's obsessed!

Summary: Part 2

Ella did a dance with her friends at the talent show this year, which meant tons of practice (that turned into play dates)...
They did so great!

Everett had his "Spring Sing" patriotic performance- so cute!

And Ella received the "Helpful Hands" award at school, which meant she's always prepared and helpful! Sounds about right! ;)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break 2016

We  had such a great spring break this year!!  And all we did was stay at home!

We kicked it off with a fun dinner and swimming with friends...

Then we spent an entire day at a friend's beach house with beautiful weather!

Gary took Thursday and Friday off work so we could take a quick trip to Vegas or Palm Desert, but rain was forecasted everywhere!  So instead, we decided to stay home and had so much fun!  We did family fun day on Thursday and saw Zootopia and went bowling and out to dinner.

On Friday, we drove down to Encinitas to spend the day with some friends that were camping down there.  Everyone knows that I am NOT a camper, but it was such an amazing day and night...they are converting me! Not to mention, they have super nice campers so it's more like 'glamping'. ;)

The sunset was amazing!!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

We started the weekend by doing Easter eggs with friends...

After a very early morning Easter egg hunt out front to find all the filled eggs the Easter bunny left, it was time to search for Easter baskets!

Then it was time for mass!

After church, we went to the golf club for brunch, and it was so yummy!  As you can see, they have a chocolate fountain...

And then another Easter egg hunt at the club...Everett ran into one of his friends from school!

Baseball Grandparents' Day

Saturday was grandparents' day for baseball- Everett was so excited to have both sets of grandparents cheering him on!  It was such a fun morning- tons of great food, and Everett presented his grandmas with a flower. :)

Everett had his best game ever- he was fielding and hitting like a champ!  We told the grandparents that they need to come to every game!


One of our friends bid on a night out on a yacht at last year's fundraiser, and we were so lucky that they asked us to join the fun!