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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Dance Recital 2017

Ella had another great dance recital this year!  I'm so proud of her and all her friends- they were amazing!!!!

Her teacher actually had a conflict this weekend and couldn't attend the recital so this is from the dress rehearsal at the studio...

Ballet costume...

Lots of besties...

Bridging from Daisy to Brownie!

On June 1st, Ella had her Girl Scout bridging ceremony at the roller rink where she moves from a Daisy to a Brownie!

The next day, Ella led the school song in front of the entire school!

Random in Spring...

Everett in my 35 year old ski outfit!!

Rylee loves napping on clean clothes!

Everett and Sammy at a birthday party...

Crazy hair day at school...instead of the usual rat's nest, it's a bird's nest!

Ella and mommy playing on Snapchat! ;)


End of Year Baseball Party

On May 20th Everett had his end of year baseball party at his coach's house- it was a great day!!  The boys all got their baseball trophies, and the dads played beer pong! ;)

Character Matters 1st Grade Play

On May 18th Ella performed in the first grade play, "Character Matters", and she had a speaking part as Goldilocks!  We were so proud of her for being so brave and remembering her lines perfectly!!
Goldilocks and the 3 bears!


Julie and I have wanted to go to a Billy Joel concert FOREVER, but he's most often performing on the East Coast so when we heard he would be at Dodger's Stadium, we were all over it!  It was SUCH an amazing concert!!!!  Axl Rose and Pink performed as well!

TWLL Angels Day

On April 23rd Everett and his entire baseball team go to walk the field at Angel Stadium and then watch the game- it was a super fun day!

That's Everett waving at the very front!

CPK Girl Scout Event

On April 22nd Ella was able to participate in a super fun Girl Scout even where they got to our CPK, make their own pizzas and then eat them!  They even got to go in the coooooold walk in refrigerator!

Teacher for a Day!

On April 21st, Ella got to be teacher for a day!  Her dream come true!  We won it at the school fundraiser. :)

Her awesome teacher brought her a hot chocolate from Starbucks and made her an official teacher badge.

She had to take the teacher's oath in front of the whole school...

Then it was time to teach!  She got to sit at her teacher's desk and then stand up in front with her co-teacher...

Time to whip these kids into shape!

She got to have snack in the teacher's lounge!

Reading to the class...

She even got to give (or take away!) dojo points!

This was such a special experience for her!  Anyone that knows Ella knows that she is a rule follower and caretaker...she was born to be a teacher or nurse!