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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Everett's Big Week

Everett was feeling a little jealous because Ella had another Indian Princess campout this past weekend, but his week turned out pretty great!  On Thursday, our friends invited he and Gary to the Angel game where one of his besties threw out the first pitch!!

As if that weren't enough, Mike Trout (his fav) threw a ball directly to him as he was running back to the dugout!

And he made it onto the jumbotron!!

On Friday, Ella and Gary left for camping, but Everett got a quick playdate after school, and then he got to spend the night at grandma's house which is a treat for him AND me! ;)  He was super excited to be there without Ella...he asked me if he could stay two nights!

Then on Saturday, he got to go see Ninjago with a couple friends and have dinner and shakes at the counter at Ruby's!

Gary's Birthday- Ribfest!

Gary decided he wanted to smoke some ribs for his friends for his birthday, so Ribfest 2017 it was!  We even hit the spa!

S'mores bar!

Birthday Parties

Everett has been on the birthday party train lately!

Colt's Batman party where Batman himself came to give superhero lessons!  Batman and the birthday boy...
Ella doing a superhero cartwheel while Batman tries to block her...

Next it was a double water slide bounce house party, including an ice cream eating contest...which Everett won of course (like father like son)!

And then a rock climbing party!

Thursday, September 14, 2017


The kids had a lemonade stand and donated all the money they made to the Red Cross for Harvey and Irma victims...

Has anyone seen these?  They have them at Target and Walmart...why does this crack me up?!

The kids started hanging out in our tiny linen closet- weirdos!  The even got an extension cord so they could put a light inside!

When Gary went to Japan for work, they gifted him a couple kimonos for the kids, and we put them in the closet and totally forgot about them.  Ella found them recently, and look how cute!

And selfie central!  Selfies while at dinner at a friend's house...

Selfies while doing clay masks...

And selfies at the car dealership to entertain the 5 year old! ;)

First Day of School 2017

School started early this year on August 22nd!  I hate that school starts before Labor Day now!  But it is really nice to be back to our routine. And the kids are FINALLY at the same school- yippee!!


Everett's table...

Of course we had to do brunch with mimosas to celebrate no more kids at home all day everyday! ;)

I'm the kinder liaison so I made these for all the new kinder parents...

And these girls...always trying to dress the same for school...

End of Summer- August 2017

Summer went fast, but they packed a lot into the last week before school!

The first slumber party at our house- movie night style!  Ella has had tons of sleepovers at her friend's houses, but we finally did one here, which made Everett exceptionally happy since he isn't allowed to do sleepovers yet.

Another concert at the golf course...

With a few playdates scattered in!

Fairy Trail

On August 12th we took the kids to the "Fairy Trail" in Aliso Viejo.  The fairies were flying back to Ireland that weekend so we made it just in time!  It was very cute.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


We took a quick staycation at the Hyatt Huntington Beach and had such a great time!  We will definitely be doing this more often.

Our room had a full ocean view!

Pizza at the pool with an ocean view!

Dinner and drinks at Watertable...