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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little Miss Caretaker

Ella and Everett are made for each other.  As everyone knows, Ella is a a fault.  She always tries to be the mama and take care of everyone.  And Everett is happy to take advantage of her caring nature.

Everett allegedly hurt his toe (it was fine) at the pool, and he and Ella talked about it all the way home.  First, Ella tries to carry him into the house because naturally there is no way he can possibly walk on his toe.  She has him lay down on the couch, runs and gets bandaids and neosporin (there is no wound) and proceeds to bandage him up.  Then she tells him to just rest, and she will get him whatever he needs.  She hands him the ipad, fixes his pillows, gets his blankie out of his room and asks him if he needs anything else. 

She comes into the kitchen to help me make dinner and every 5 minutes asks him, "Everett, do you need anything?"  He of course says "yes" every time, but he can't think of anything he actually needs so she runs over to him to check on him.

Then Everett whines, "Elllllllllllla!!  My bandaid is falling off!"  So she takes him to the bar stools to fix his bandaid for him (the photo).

She needs reel it in.  Whoever she marries is going to be one lucky guy!!! ;)

It is really sweet though.  I threw out my back last week and was unable to move for a day.  When I started working out again, she was in the room, and said, "mommy!  please be careful!  does this hurt your back?!" 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Last Day of TK :(

 Ella had her last day of school today- she was not excited because she loves school, loves her teacher and loves her friends...but it was still a fun day!

This was truly an amazing year.  We met so many wonderful friends that made the year so much fun.  Ella blossomed from a shy 4 year old to a confident (and smart!) 5 year old.  She can read and write- two things I'd never imagine she would do so well before even entering kindergarten!  We are so proud of her! 

Ella on the first and last days of school...

Ella pretty much looks the same, but oh my gosh, look at the difference in Everett!!!!
In the morning, Mrs. S told each student what she would miss about them, and they each told her what they would miss about her- it made me cry!

Then it was game time (everyone brought their favorite game from home- Ella chose the Frozen matching game of course)!

A little Red Rover (Ella was one of the few kids that broke through- woot!)...

And then time for a little party...with honorary TKer, Everett. :)

Ella and Mrs. S.  She is absolutely the BEST.  Anyone out there who is going to our school, hope and pray that you get her for kinder (she's moving from TK to kinder)- she did AMAZING things for Ella!!  We love her!!

After school, we had a VERY rambunctious last day of school lunch (sorry other patrons of Ruby's!)...

And then POOL PARTY!

First Mani/Pedi!

Ella got her first mani/pedi for grandma's birthday!  She was SO excited!

End of the Year

It's been a busy end of the school year!  Lots of fun times with friends like beach parties...

And field day at school- so fun!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

These Kids

 I swear they crack me up.  Isn't the best time when they are in the back of the car being hilarious (except they don't think each other is hilarious)?

Today on the way home from school, Everett is making this whole story up about Ella waking him up by crying in the middle of the night.  This is the conversation:

Ella: Mommy, Everett is lying!  He's telling lies!
Everett: NO!  You did!
Ella: Stop it!  You're lying!
Everett: Nooooooo!
Me: Ella, I don't know why you let him get to you, just ignore him.
Everett: You are a cucka [I have no idea.  Everything is a cucka nina].
Ella: I can't hear you.
Everett: [At the top of his very loud lungs] YOU ARE A CUCKA!  Hear me now?

And then Ella...we are baking zucchini bread tonight, and I'm forever telling her not to eat batter  because it has RAW eggs.  So she wants to lick the bowl and says, "mommy, did you put ROTTEN eggs in this one??"  ;)