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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little Miss Caretaker

Ella and Everett are made for each other.  As everyone knows, Ella is a a fault.  She always tries to be the mama and take care of everyone.  And Everett is happy to take advantage of her caring nature.

Everett allegedly hurt his toe (it was fine) at the pool, and he and Ella talked about it all the way home.  First, Ella tries to carry him into the house because naturally there is no way he can possibly walk on his toe.  She has him lay down on the couch, runs and gets bandaids and neosporin (there is no wound) and proceeds to bandage him up.  Then she tells him to just rest, and she will get him whatever he needs.  She hands him the ipad, fixes his pillows, gets his blankie out of his room and asks him if he needs anything else. 

She comes into the kitchen to help me make dinner and every 5 minutes asks him, "Everett, do you need anything?"  He of course says "yes" every time, but he can't think of anything he actually needs so she runs over to him to check on him.

Then Everett whines, "Elllllllllllla!!  My bandaid is falling off!"  So she takes him to the bar stools to fix his bandaid for him (the photo).

She needs reel it in.  Whoever she marries is going to be one lucky guy!!! ;)

It is really sweet though.  I threw out my back last week and was unable to move for a day.  When I started working out again, she was in the room, and said, "mommy!  please be careful!  does this hurt your back?!" 

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