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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Rollercoaster Continues...

They admitted me to the hospital AGAIN this morning!!  COME ON!  I went in for fetal monitoring, and my BPs were not good:

The even worse part is that the first one was reclining on my back, and the rest were almost completely laying down on my left side, which usually makes my numbers go way down.

Soooo, they called my OB, and she said they had to admit me again to monitor my BP for a while.  Thankfully, the nice nurse told her that I *really* wanted to go home so they promised that if my BP went down and stayed stable, I could probably go home.

I was once again wheeled down to labor and delivery, and my first reading there was 155/94!!  Sheesh!  But the rest were:

These were all taken completely laying down on my left side.  Can I just say how annoying it is to me that they keep making me take my BP like this?  It lowers my readings by AT LEAST 15 points since my arm is above my heart rather than the proper way to take BP, which is in a sitting position with your arm the same level as your heart.  I wasn't going to argue because all I wanted was to go home, and clearly it was working to make my numbers lower, but on the other hand, it scares me because they are really false readings so they aren't recording my true sitting BP, and I'm afraid that I'll suddenly get as sick as I did with Ella.  Blah.

The nurse even said, "you're just hanging on.  we're just trying to get the lowest numbers possible to keep baby in as long as possible."  I wanted to say, "but they aren't real numbers!!"

In any event, after 4 hours, they called my OB again, and she said I could go home...Yippee!  However, thanks to my BP's little 1.5 hour spike, I now have to do fetal monitoring at the hospital every other day!  I almost said, "well then just admit me because it's more of a PITA for me to have to drive all the way to the hospital every other day".

I really have a feeling that my days at home are numbered.

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