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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Everett is in an open crib now! He has also nippled all his feeds since yesterday at 5 p.m., which means he will be ready to come at 5 p.m. Wednesday if he doesn't have to be gavaged before then. I think this means the earliest he will come home is Thursday morning. However, he will be circumcised tomorrow morning so it is possible he will regress after that.

Isn't he so cute when he sleeps?! I could watch him all day...well I actually did do that today because I was at the nicu all day.

I'm considering making my blog private so only "invited" people can read it. Someone anonymous left an ignorant comment about how nice my priorities are for saying I want to attend a Christmas party while E stays in the nicu. Two things I can't stand are ignorance and stupidity. I sometimes forget that not only can my wonderful friends and family read this blog but so can any random crazy person. Heck yes I want him in the nicu so we can go to a party (which we deserve after all we've been through)...I'd actually be happy if he spent the entire winter in the nicu because I'm terrified of having him at home with my little germ monster. Until you've had TWO babies in the nicu, TWO preemies during winter and a preemie at the same time as a toddler, don't you DARE question my priorities. You have no idea how terrifying and stressful it is to have such a tiny baby with little immunities at home with no monitoring and no doctor nearby. I just don't like the thought of such ridiculous people having access to the blog so I will email everyone with the access information when (if?) I make it private. Plus, with my sarcastic mouth (which I do try to tone down in the blog!) It's probably better that only people that know me and my sense of humor read the blog! ;)

It was actually funny today because EC's nurse was joking with me and another nicu mama that we should leave our boys in until after new years so we can go out! Hee hee! I love the nurses there. I'm also meeting a lot of the other moms, and it's nice to commiserate!


  1. I'm sorry someone left an ignorant comment, that's unfortunate. I understand what you mean about wanting to leave him in a little bubble- tiny babies are so stressful!

  2. I know I'm just a random person (but not crazy!) who stumbled on your blog linked from someone else's blog, but I love it and hope you don't block it! It sucks there's always someone who thinks they are better than everyone going around judging people for no reason!. You have gone through unbelievable stress having 2 complicated pregnancies and 2 premie babies, darn it you deserve a night off!

  3. I'm so happy to hear how well Everett is doing, he's adorable!

    And, I'm sorry someone left a hurtful comment. :-( P was in the NICU too and I remember how scary it was when she came home.