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Friday, December 16, 2011

Ella Meets Her Little Brother & First Day Home

Ella met her baby brother for the first time yesterday!  She was a little shy at first, but then everything became about "baby broder".  She wants to be around him all the time and wants to help us with everything.  It's SO sweet.  I hope it lasts, but we'll see how she is when I'm home alone with both of them and have to split my attention.

It's hard because she wants to be near him all the time, kiss him, hug him, touch him, and we can't let her get too close to him.  The NICU doctors said to keep contact between them as limited as possible, and absolutely no other kids around him.  

Everett's first day home went well.  He just sleeps and eats.  He is eating 45 ml every 3 hours right now.  That's the best thing about the NICU- it gets them on an easy 3 hour feeding schedule.  Dealing with the wee wee and circumcision is WEIRD.  Baby girls are so much easier!  He peed on his face, and I think some got in his mouth- oops.  But we can't cover it up while we're trying to get ten tons of vaseline on it.  ARGH!  I'm sure it will get easier.

And OF COURSE, right before bed Ella vomited all over me, all over the couch and all over the family room rug.  I don't think I've seen that much vomit come out of a human being.  I mean, REALLY?!  The FIRST day Everett comes home?  I'm just praying it was some kind of food poisoning and not a virus.  She doesn't have a fever and is acting fine, but it was the strangest thing.  She was fine, and then she just looked at me and pulled an exorcist on me.  Vomit EVERYWHERE!  Puleez don't let the baby get sick!!!!!  Our entire family room now smells like vomit, and it's do I get the smell out??!!

I'm SUPER tired today.  He still doesn't cry at night, but he is so loud with his congested barnyard animal sounds.  We only had to wake up once to feed him, but I didn't sleep most of the rest of the night either because I was either checking on him or listening to him.

Need sleepy! :)


  1. Congrats! So happy you are all home healthy and safe. Your kids are beautiful!

  2. I heard kids sometimes throw up when they get too much excitement in one day, meeting her new brother probably qualifies!!

  3. Megan pukes ALL THE FREAKING TIME so I've had my fair share of experience in cleaning up puke. Once you've gotten all the puke out, I recommend a generous spray of DREFT brand fabric refresher. Like Febreeze but it's made by DREFT and comes in a pink spray bottle. Does the trick and gets rid of the smell every time. Hope that helps!!!