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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cookies and Coming Home?

Apparently Everett is coming home tomorrow, which makes me extremely anxious.  We will know for sure tomorrow.  I'm about to have a breakdown!

Oh, and I talked to the pediatrician, who did perform the circumcision today, and he said Everett did great, and everything went really well.  I guess too well since clearly he didn't regress at all given that the nurse said he's coming home tomorrow!

Ella and I decided that we better make some Christmas cookies today since we may not have much time after tomorrow!  My little helper...



  1. Yay for the baby's homecoming! I'll be at O's tomorrow (9am) if you want to send Ella over for a bit to catch your breath!

  2. That's great news that Everett is coming home!! :) I bet Ella is so excited!!