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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some More Cuteness (Birthday Hats, Dresses & Little Feet)

Look at the adorable birthday hat I made for Ella!  I actually made it for the little photo shoot we're doing during our family photo session on September 26th (more on that later), but if it stays nice, I think I may *try* to make her wear it at her birthday party.

 Thanks to my friend Christina, I just ordered this adorable pinafore from Lassie Girl:
Isn't it so cute?!  AND it can be worn as a dress and then a shirt when it's too short for a dress.  AND it's reversible so it's like having 2 dresses and 2 shirts.  AND it was really reasonably priced! 

Yes, I could make it myself, but you know what, (a) sometimes I just don't feel like it, (b) I haven't seen that fabric anywhere so technically I couldn't make it, and (c) I love to support other small home business/work at home mom operations so I still buy lots from other people on Etsy and small websites like this!

And finally, I just love little feet.  I love how when Ella takes naps, she always props her little piggies up on her bumper, and sometimes, one little foot escapes through the slats of her crib...


  1. Hi, can I ask where you got your crib bedding? I just received my bedding from carousel designs and not liking it so much...

  2. I got mine at Carousel too, but I love it! That's a bummer you don't like yours. Serena and Lily has gorgeous crib bedding, but it's pretty expensive.