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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guess What?

Ella took THREE steps today...for the nanny. :(

Alex and I tried to recreate it, but Ella wasn't having it...she would only take one step before sitting.

I'm actually very surprised she would take three steps because the kid doesn't even stand independently for more than 2 seconds and has never got herself up to a standing position without holding onto something.  I thought all kids could stand very well independently before they took steps?

People keep asking me if I think she'll walk before her birthday party...I keep saying "NO WAY."  But who knows!

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  1. Now she's on a roll..three steps turn into 6, then 10, then she's off on her own. :) Bummer you didn't see, but she'll do it again for YOU! :) Can't wait to see her!