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Monday, February 1, 2010

Master bathroom Remodel

I feel extraordinarily lucky to have a dad and a husband who might as well be professional contractors.  I have to give them most of the credit, as they did almost the entire bathroom themselves!  The only parts we contracted out were fabrication and installation of the marble countertops and installation of the floor.



My Vanity
G's Vanity
Shower and Closets
Sink Faucet
Bathtub Faucet
Water Closet
Looking out from Water Closet


  1. Very pretty! Love the tub! Did you raise the ceiling? The bathroom looks so much taller than your "before" picture.

  2. Ha does look like that! But no, I think the "before" pic is just bad- it's from the sellers' realtor's MLS picture. I forgot to take my own before pics!

  3. WOW!! Your bathroom is AMAZING! Like, I'm-totally-copying-every-detail-if-we-every-get-around-to-renovating-our-bathroom AMAZING. I'm especially in love with the vanities. And the tile backsplash. And the countertops. And the paint color. Ok, so, everything :)