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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sold Dresses...

Now that the Spring Boutique is over (it was definitely less than crowded so not many sales- boo), I can concentrate on fulfilling all my order from you lovely ladies!  Since most of the orders were made via email or in person, I just want to make sure I have everyone's orders correct- please let me know if I missed you, or I have your order wrong, as I want to start sewing tomorrow...

Laura R.: two 18-24  month short sleeve peasant dresses (seersucker/navy polka & black damask/red)- PAID

Julie B.: long sleeve peasant in Kleo/diamond eye (did you want 18-24 or 2T?)- $34

Jen M.: bird with black polka yoke dress (2T)- PAID

Lindley: two blue/red rose with red polka yoke dresses (2T & 0-3 months)- $70
*L, the 2T is two sizes bigger than the one Ella was wearing in the photo even though I said I'd go just one bigger- I want to make sure it fits her in July!

June: donut with pink polka pillowcase dress (2T)- $25

Ericka: circus pillowcase dress (5T)- PAID

Molly: black damask with red sleeves and bottom short sleeve peasant (18-24 months)- $30

Julie U.: two short sleeve peasant; black damask & aqua damask (12-18 months)- $60

PAYMENT: It's easiest for me if you pay via paypal rather than check.  As long as you have a paypal account witih your bank account attached to it or a paypal balance (as opposed to paying via paypal with a credit card or debit card in which case they charge you) AND you pay to my PERSONAL email account (not my littlechickenbaby yahoo account because it's a business account), Paypal will not charge you to transfer money to a friend.  If you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay with a check. :)

**BTW, if anyone wants a matching diaper cover, they are $10 (without ruffles, $15 with ruffles).  They will ship free with any dress order!

I'm going to try to ship them/ get them to you very soon, and I'd love to see photos of your adorable girls wearing the dresses!

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