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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Blah-ness?

Well, what did you all think?
ETA: I have to say, now that I've watched about 250 royal wedding shows, the dress is growing on me!  She just looked so lovely!

Kate is obviously a very pretty girl, but honestly, I felt she looked a bit boring!  I do like the top part of her dress, but it's definitely not different...I think I tried on something similar.  I like that it's Grace Kelly-ish, but I liked Grace Kelly's dress better!  I'm not a fan at all of that type of skirt.  Do a princess skirt or a-line or mermaid or anything else but a circle skirt, which I find always looks droopy with heavy satin or silk.  Her hair was just "eh", and she did her own make-up!  Who does their own make-up on their wedding day?!  Finally, I did not like her bouquet.  And I love lilies of the valley, but for some reason, hers didn't look right to me with her may have been too small or too white since her dress was ivory, but I didn't care for it.

I thought her sister, Pippa, looked gorgeous!  I loved her dress!  Maybe a tad too sexy for a royal wedding, but she looked great.  I thought Kate's mom looked very pretty and appropriate, and the Queen looked adorable, even though I thought it was an odd color choice.  I loved the little flower girl dresses- that is exactly what I would have chosen had I had flower girls.

It got even more boring when she changed into her evening dress...
Again, she still looks so pretty, but really?  All the money in the world, and THAT is what you choose?  BLAH.  At least her sister again looked fun and sassy! ;)

Now, as for future royal weddings, do you think someone who wears her pajamas to play outside...

And gets more ravioli on her body than in her mouth can be a princess? :)

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  1. I felt bad for thinking it but as she walked down the aisle I thought to myself, "Man, she needs more lipsick."