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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Gary's company provides 20 days of daycare per year, and with the nanny gone, we were really stuck this morning so we took her in for her first day ever of daycare (this is not where she will be going to preschool in July).  She was initially in the infant daycare room, but they moved her up to the preschool section...I'm sure it was because of her advanced art skills...her first art project ever!
I'm sure daddy will be very pleased that she chose to use Laker colors. ;)

They said she did great.  She started playing as soon as Gary set her down, and she did cry when he left but immediately stopped.  She must have had a great time because she had paint ALL OVER her NEW shirt.  Um, could someone have warned me they were going to paint so that I wouldn't have put her in a cute little outfit?  She was only there until noon today, but maybe next time we'll do all day!


  1. That's great!!! Ella and Megan should get together and have an "art" date :)