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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Haps

I didn't really do anything except sew and run a few errands...I did have a SUPER fun Girl's Night Out with Devon, Sarah, Molly and Deanna at Opah on Friday.  Asian Pear Martini, Pineapple Breeze martini, spinach artichoke crab dip, french fries and prosciutto wrapped shrimp...enough said.

Ella spent A LOT of time with daddy.  I feel like I hardly spent any time with her all weekend. :(  I can't wait until next Sunday when I can finally breathe again!

On Saturday, Ella and Gary went to "Fan Fest" at the Anaheim Convention Center to start off All-Star Week.  They met up with Julie, Ryan and Olivia...but of course, I was sewing.

On Sunday Gary went to the Celebrity Soft Ball Game with Ryan so E got to show me over and over her new favorite thing...getting up to a sitting position by herself.  She is also now trying to pull herself up, but she hasn't quite figured it out (and yes, she was roaming around pantless because, well, I was just too tired to put them back on after changing her diaper).

By the way, despite the fact that she has stuffed animals and a doll, her new favorite thing is a "Bob the Builder" stuffed doll that my parents bought Gary before Ella was I have a tomboy on my hands???  We think it's because it reminds her of daddy and grandpa. :)

Oh, and do they make a high chair with a straight jacket?

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