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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update on My Little Chicken

I can't even keep up with how much Ella changes and grows everyday! I need to keep up with the blog because I certainly don't write a thing in her baby book anymore.
She is becoming more and more mobile on a daily basis. She pulls herself up on her walker and the couch and can stand there for quite a while. She is still ALWAYS on her toes when she's standing, but she will take steps if you're holding her hands. She will now do a regular crawl on all fours, but she still much prefers her army crawl and usually gets around that way. It seems like the more mobile she becomes, the happier she gets.
She's getting much better at eating finger foods and will happily eat the chunky baby foods now (with pasta, whole peas, etc). She has a much better pincer grip and seems to really like string cheese.

She is getting so much hair!  I love it!  It's totally filling in, and I'm not ALWAYS making her wear a headband like I used to. ;)

She seems to adapt to change fairly well...we were BAFFLED over bathtime because she has always loved her baths except recently when I tried to put her in her blowup duck tub (which isn't much bigger than her infant tub) in the bathtub in her bathroom. She screamed and tried to claw her way out. So then we tried putting her infant tub in the tub in our bathtub, but she screamed and cried again. Next we tried having her take a bath with Gary in our tub. Nope, still cried. Finally, we tried putting her infant tub in the kitchen sink (which is how we used to do her baths when she was a newborn), and she STILL cried! WTF? It's the SAME tub no matter where it is!!! Well, we decided to keep trying, so tonight we tried the big tub in our bathroom again (and by herself with no infant tub), and she did great! Not one tear!

Tomorrow Ella and I are going to the pool with some friends, and it will be the first time she's gone in the pool since Vegas so we'll see how THAT goes.

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