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Monday, July 21, 2014

Juice Cleanse

I'm doing a juice cleanse!  And that's all the crap I had to buy just for my pre-cleanse (I want to try some of the juices out before I do the real thing).  Oh yeah, and I had to order this juicer.  Who wants to do it with me???  Anyone?  Anyone?  Hello?  Bueller?  No one seems to be very interested in drinking only vegetable juice with me for 3 days!

We all know how dangerous it is when I watch movies (Food, Inc. = raising chickens), but we re-instituted our Netflix account so I spent the weekend nights watching a bunch of those Food, Inc. type movies, which in turn inspired me to cleanse out my toxins and attempt to start cutting some of the processed foods out of my (and the kids') diets.

I watched Forks over Knives; Hungry for Change; Food Matters; Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead; and Vegucated.  By the way, if you're interested in cutting out all meat, watch Vegucated- it seriously made me want to become a vegan- disturbing.  Except that Gary informed that he will NEVER stop eating meat.  I could NEVER stop eating dairy.  And I can't give up leather!

So anyway, my goals are:
  • To do Joe Cross' 3-day juice cleanse;
  • To get the kids to like these veggie packed juices (which I don't think will be hard since I don't allow juice at home so they will likely love anything that's not water or milk!);
  • To have 1-2 juices a day after the cleanse (hopefully as a meal replacement sometimes);
  • To start eating a mostly (or much more) plant-based diet and cut out as much processed foods, gluten and sugar as possible;
  • To get healthy!!

We'll see if I can even last though the 3-day cleanse.  I'm not very good at sticking to anything that involves not eating McDonalds (I kid!  Sort of).  Plus, it's super expensive!  You are supposed to only use organic fruits/veggies, and I only bought maybe 1/3 organic at Trader Joes (which has pretty good prices), and it was really pricey.  I can't imagine what it's going to cost when I go to Whole Foods to get organic everything.  I really want to buy non-organic, but how can I cleanse out all my toxins if I'm putting toxic pesticides in?! 

This whole trying to be a better, healthier, more environmentally caring person is really a lot of work...especially when you love McDonalds. :)

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