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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunny Days Again

After a few rainy overcast days (yuck), it was beautiful, sunny and 72 degrees again today!  Hurray!  We walked around the Spectrum and Ell and I hung sat on the fountain out in the sun...

We did our daily Target shopping, and Everett is finally learning to walk holding hands!

And this is just a public service announcement for other moms of girls...I never buy Ella rash guard bathing suits because, well, they are always just fugly.  Which is fine except for on vacation or when you are at the pool every day- too much sun.  So I have to give a big THANKS to Target, who finally came out with a cute rash guard suit!!!  They made the top a tunic style and used a pretty cute fabric!  It is on sale RIGHT NOW at Target so make sure you pick one up!

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