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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Everett 15 Months

Sorry for the lame photos, but I don't have a good photo, and I wanted to post his 15 month update!

He is actually almost 15.5 months, but we just had his 15 months appointment yesterday.  His stats:
Weight: 23.2 pounds (40th percentile)
Height: 34.25 inches (75th percentile)

And we continue with the tall and skinny!

He is running like crazy, and although he walked later than Ella, he never had the crawl/walk stage.  He went straight from crawling to always walking and now running!  If he does start to crawl, and you say, "no Everett, stand up please", he will get right up and walk.

Which brings me to the next thing...he understands everything!  He is a man of few words but doesn't miss a beat. ;)

Aside from mama and dada, he is very selective with his words.  He likes to say "ball" (ba), "kick", "more" (ma), and I think he said "no" yesterday.  I think he says other things once in a while but not with any regularity.

He points and claps a lot, but he never waves anymore!  He loves to dance.  If you turn up the music in the car and say, "let's dance Everett!" he will bop his head and go crazy in his carseat.

He LOVES stuffed animals, which is so funny because Ella never really cared about them.  He lights up when he sees a stuffed animal and hugs and hugs it.  The only other toy he really likes are balls.  He still doesn't care much for cars.

He also loves animals- especially dogs.  He makes a kissing sound over and over every single time he sees a dog!  It's adorable.  He'll run over to the dog, but he likes to stay about 1 foot away from them. 

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