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Friday, March 15, 2013

More Proud Mama Moments...

Ella's Self Portrait

Nothing too exciting, but just a couple things I know I'll like to go back and read about someday. :)

First, Ella's school called me yesterday morning to tell me that because they need more room in certain classrooms, instead of basing which classroom a child is in solely on birth date, they are now basing it on age and maturity/advancement of the child.  So anyway, Ella is supposed to be moving up to the green room in June, but the director told me that because she is so articulate and advanced socially, they are skipping that room and moving her up to the orange room (the room above green).  Yay Ella!

Second, the other day when I got to school, Ella's friend, Francesca, was sitting down crying a little bit.  I said, "What's wrong Francesca?!", and the teacher told me that she got bonked in the nose.  So Ella goes and sits next her, puts her arm around her and strokes her face.  I swear, that girl can be such a sweetheart sometimes!  I don't care if she's the smartest girl in class or the prettiest girl in class, but seeing her show signs that she is growing into a caring and empathetic little person makes me so happy!!!


As for Everett, he is making Gary extremely happy because he seems so interested in sports.  You've seen the video of him dribbling the soccer ball.  Gary bought him a soft bat recently, and Everett wouldn't let go of it for half the day!  Yesterday, he started dunking the basketball into the little plastic basketball hoop.  Who knows if he'll be any good at sports, but it does melt my heart a little to see Gary SOOO excited that "his boy" seems into sports...he must of yelled at me 20 times while I was cooking dinner, "look at this!  he keeps dunking the ball!  he loves basketball!  watch this!"  Don't get me wrong, Ella has Gary wrapped around her finger- she is definitely daddy's little girl, but it's also so nice to see the special bond between a little boy and his daddy. :)

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