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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ella's Funnies

Ella cracks us up on a daily basis, but I usually either forget what she says or it's the way she says something/gestures she uses that make it so funny so I don't write it down, but I'm going to start keeping track just for myself. :)

Yesterday she was harassing her brother (as usual), and I said, "Ella STOP!  You are driving him nuts!"  So later on, Gary and I are talking and Ella says to Gary in her sassy voice, "daddy, you are driving mommy NUTS!"  She is so perceptive! ;)

This morning, I was trying to eat my smoothie, but my two little vultures were both practically on top of me begging for bites so I said to Gary, "I haven't had any of my own smoothie because these two are such mooches!"  Everett goes to grab for the spoon, and Ella gently puts her hand on his and says, "Everett, we're both mooches!"  HAHA!

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