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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pool BBQ

We had a BBQ at the pool today with some of our favorite friends, and I think it was probably the most fun Ella has had all summer!  We couldn't tear the big kids out of the pool from 3pm to 6:45pm so this is the only photo we got of them!

Everett was actually LOVING the pool for almost 2 hours...completely chill. 

It's great because all of our kids are almost the exact same ages, and really this is the extent of Everett's circle of friends. :)
(that says 11.5 months for Ryan- not 15 months!)

But come on, this is a pretty bad ass group, right?!
That's right, we all hang out in our diapers.  What?
Look ma, I pinned Everett!

Chillin' with Gav...

My girls...

It was SUCH a great time, but let me tell me you why you are NOT supposed to have such fun (and lengthy) outings on the 3rd day of potty training...

Because Ella is trying so hard to be good about going in the potty, instead of going pee in the pool like every other child (come on, your kids do it!), she kept telling us she had to use the bathroom.

So I'd march her into the bathroom, cover the seat with two seat covers, take off her wet bottoms, struggle for what seemed like eternity trying to rip off her wet and sticky swim diaper (btw, why do these things seem like they stick to their legs??  Especially when you are trying to get them off quickly to pee!), lift her on the toilet, wait, wait, wait, until she finally said, "oh, I don't have to go potty", go find a dry swim diaper, put it on her, put her wet bottoms back on, back in the pool.  This happened no less then 10 times.  I was finally over it and decided to stop wasting swim diapers and just let her go in with just her suit on.

Well of course, she tells Gary she has to poop.  He takes her to the bathroom AGAIN.  Same scenario..."oh, I don't have to poop."  Back in the pool.  Two minutes later, she tells him AGAIN she has to go poop, so they get out, but apparently this time, she really did have to go and couldn't hold it until the bathroom, and now her cute WHITE swimsuit is not so white.  UGH!  I feel really bad for her because she did tell us, and she did try to make it to the potty but couldn't, and I could tell she felt really bad.  And it was totally our fault because everyone knows that you don't take a kid to a 5 hour bbq at the pool on the THIRD day they are potty training!  I'm actually very proud of her for telling us so many times because she was very distracted with all the fun she was having.

Oh well, we still have another kid on which to perfect our technique.

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  1. In my opinion, a pool and barbeque party is the best way to spend one's summer. It’s quite fun just seeing the kids playing together, as well as bond with family and friends. And I’m glad that’s what all of you felt. Maybe you can even turn it into some sort of family tradition. Cheers!

    Silvia Morris @ Claudette Pools