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Monday, July 16, 2012

Etc., Etc., Etc...


Ella had to go with us this morning to take Everett to the pediatrician, and as we are driving home, she says, "Thank you for inviting me mama!"  That girl cracks me up.

Everett Head/Sitting

We had a follow-up appointment with our ped this morning to look at Everett's flat head.  He said the facial view and front view are within normal range, and his head is flat on the right back side, but he thinks we can wait for 6 weeks until the 9 month appointment to revisit the issue- he would not recommend that we do a helmet yet, but he gave us the number because it's up to us and completely cosmetic. So yay! No helmet! Oh and no signs of torticollis so that's good.

I mentioned Everett's refusal to even *try* to sit, so he gave us the number for PT/OT (physical therapist/ occupational therapist) if we want to do that to have them work on strengthening his muscles, etc., but he said his muscle tone is good, he is very advanced in that he is already army crawling a bit (since he's 6 months adjusted), and that he isn't too worried about the sitting since he is only 6 months adjusted, and that Ella was just advanced in that area. He said if he was a term baby, he would definitely send us to PT/OT right now, but again, it is completely up to us at this point, and his recommendation is to wait until the 9 month appointment again to reevaluate. He thinks he'll start sitting in the next few weeks (I'm not so sure about that!).


My mom recently pulled out the box with ALL my costumes from when I danced (she really saved 12 years of costumes?!)...Ella has a unique way of wearing them!
You'll notice she has a jazz costume OVER a ballet costume

She also likes to get into grandma's leis...

Some aerial bounce house shots...

A recent crayon clutch I this fabric!

And finally, I took some photos of my good friend's boys for her to die for are his eyes?!

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  1. LOVE the clutch! The package is here but I just flew in last night so I haven't looked at it yet, but that pic makes me excited to see it. :)

    Super cute costume pics! And yay for no helmet!