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Saturday, July 21, 2012


First of all, Everett is *finally* sitting up!  Of course my mom got him to do it at her house on July 18th (she also taught Rylee all her tricks so I guess she's the dog AND baby whisperer!)...
She sent me a series of these photos while I was working.  He is still VERY wobbly, but it's a start!

On that same day, he sat in a shopping cart for the very first time...
It didn't go as smoothly as it looks in the photos since he kept sliding down so the strap would dig into his armpits so we probably aren't ready for the shopping cart yet, at least without a shopping cart cover.

Ella and Everett both visited Partyopolis for the first time for Jack's superhero 3rd birthday party- it was so much fun!  Ella loves her Jackie!!

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