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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Everett 7 Months

My baby boy is 7 months old today!  I say the same thing every month, but it never changes- he is SUCH a good baby and so happy!  He is exactly what you need in a second child, and he is such a joy to be around.  By the way, I didn't photoshop the scratch on his face out of this photo so he can look back and see what his sister used to do to him (by accident) when he was a baby!! 

He's getting some meat on his bones, but he's still pretty skinny.  He can still wear a 0-3 month in pants/shorts, but at least a 9 month in sleepers because he's so long.  He wears a size 3 diaper.  He is sleeping through night (has been for about a month?) but still gets a dream feed at 11pm.  He eats solids twice a day- loves the orange stuff, likes fruit, dislikes green stuff.

He STILL isn't sitting up!  He rolls like a champ, and he can even do a few army crawls if there is a toy he really really wants too far in front of him, but he refuses to sit up on his own.
He weighs about 17 pounds- the exact same as Ella at 7 months...he's just taller and thinner!

My happy happy boy- I just want to eat him up!

Ella and Everett at 7 months...

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