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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Eye Candy (Corn)

Is this not the cutest?!!!  I saw the idea on pinterest, and of course I had to make one for Ella. 

I'm debating whether I want to list them on Etsy.  I may just sell them to people who see it here and do a custom request...I'll probably only make this size (I made an 18-24 month for Ella) and maybe 2T.  I'll also have to charge more (probably $30 or $32) than my regular pillowcase dresses because it's more labor, and I had to use an ENTIRE roll of that thick grosgrain!  Totally worth it though because it looks so cute with the yellow and orange polka dot grosgrain. :)  If anyone is interested, let me know because I'll need to get more fabric and more rolls of grosgrain if I sell any.  I'm going to try and get a photo of Ella wearing it tonight, but (a) she tends to be on the cranky side when she gets home from school, and (b) she hates having her photo taken now so we'll see what happens.

I also did a holiday edition of my ribbon clips! 

And I added a few more "regular" colors...


  1. Hi Temre! Love all the new items! Both of my girls are wearing red dresses for Halloween. What color ribbon would you suggest?
    Also, crazy request... what would you recommend for a Jasmine Halloween costume? Thanks...
    P.S. So glad Ella's eye is getting better... we've had two visits to the ER for my little one. She keeps falling and hitting her head. Not fun.

  2. That's red dresses for Christmas! I am ready for sleep.

  3. With red you could do red, white, black, gold, sivler or the green/red ones! Black would be cute if you're doing black shoes. :)

  4. ADORABLE dress and clips!! I'm going to think on the dress if we have anywhere to wear it ... But I'll definitely be ordering holiday clips!

  5. I love love love the candy corn dress! Adorable! :)