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Saturday, September 17, 2011

At Least the Weekend Started of Well...

We went to our art class on Friday morning, then had lunch with Jen and Mason, then visited Hannah, then went to dinner with grandma and far so good.  Saturday morning we were all getting dressed for our professional family photo session.  I was upstairs finishing getting dressed just 30 minutes before we needed to leave when I heard SCREAMS from downstairs.  Gary runs upstairs with Ella, and all I see is blood coming out of the side of her eye and a huge bump!!  (the blood was actually coming out of a tiny cut on the side of her eye).  Apparently, she slipped on the dog bed and went head first into the hearth.

Fab.  I had to call the photographers (who I've already paid $100 deposit!), cancel the session and decide if we need to go the ER, call the pediatrician or just wait it out.  I decided to wait it out, but I'm sure you can all guess that Gary was pushing for a trip to the ER! ;)

Sadly, the bump got way more swollen- poor baby.  This photo is about an hour or two later, but I still don't think the picture does how AWFUL and HUGE it looks in person justice.

We were supposed to go to Taste of Newport with a bunch of friends, but we canceled for other reasons, and I'm glad we did- there is NO way I'd take her like this!  We're just doing dinner with friends- low key in case she doesn't feel well.

I swear, why does this stuff always happen to us?!  First she got the bad cut near her eye when Rylee scratched her by accident.  Then she fell face first off the stairs onto the concrete and split open her nose and now this?!  Granted that is all her "major" injuries over 2 years, but I feel like no one else gets these crazy bloody injuries!


  1. I hate injuries near the eye. I hope that she is doing better. Let me know how the ER trip turns out.

    Don't worry! We get injuries too. Nunzio got hurt 3 out of 4 weekends in July. One of them was the dog bite near the eye that landed us in the ER too. It is so scary.

  2. Omg poor Ella!! And poor you guys! That stuff always happens right before pics, right?? Hopefully she is feeling better and it looks better tomorrow!

  3. oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! poor Ella - what a trooper, though. I'm sorry, i know it's so hard when you have a super active, curious toddler.