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Monday, December 6, 2010

Some Updates

(1) Ella STILL isn't talking!  She'll be 14 months in 2 days, and then she has one month to learn some freaking words before her 15 month appointment.  She points to what she wants, waves to say 'hi' 'bye' or 'night night', claps when she does something good, responds to her name every single time and understands almost everything we say...the kid just won't talk!  She does say either "da-dee" or "do-gee", but we're not sure if it's to Gary and/or Rylee since she says it all the time.  Just this weekend, it seemed like she started saying "down" or "done" but again, who knows.  We're trying to teach her signs now, but she's not interested in the video and looks at me like I'm crazy when I do them to her.

(2) She weighs 23 pounds.

(3) She is officially on one nap a day.  She was really fighting her morning nap so I gave up.  She now naps from 1 p.m. to 3:30 or 3:45 p.m.  Not too bad.  Less then when she was on 2 naps but oh well.  Pretty good that she went from going down at 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., right?!  We just went cold turkey- none of this easing her in by incrementally putting her down later girl is a trooper! ;)

(4) I think Ella's favorite song is the Ipad commercial song.  She starts dancing every time it comes on!

(5) For about one month, my totally unaffectionate child was all kinds of affectionate and every time I would say, "can you give mommy a kiss/hug?" she would do it.  Now, every time we say, "will you give mommy/daddy a hug/kiss" she vehemently shakes her head NO.  Oh, but she'll kiss/hug Rylee, her baby doll, her violet dog, friends, strangers, the couch...really anything/one that isn't Gary or I.  Nice.

(6) We went to RA Sushi and discovered she LOVES edamame.  We also recently discovered she loves cauliflower- she inhales it.  She is a total vegetable kid!

(7) We're supposed to go to Arizona soon, the flights and hotel are booked, and now I think I'm chickening out again for many reasons.  I have up until the morning of the flight since it's non-refundable so I won't get the money back anyway if I decide not to go.  Blah.

(8) We had the B's over for dinner on Sunday night, and the girls had so much fun playing!  Ella LOVES Logan and Peyton- she is so happy and outgoing when they are over.  She actually loves Michelle too and always asks for her to hold her. ;)
She got lots of kisses from Logan, and even gave her one!
Peyton and Ella even modeled one of my new felt rose clips (Peyton is the most photogenic child I have ever seen! I need to use her as a model for my Etsy store!)


  1. So cute pose.I like those all three in 1 photo...I wish she will start talking soon....

  2. hi, can you share what you did to get Ella to take naps? I think in one of your posts, you said Ella cried before every nap? Unfortunately, my 4 month old Francesca takes all her naps in the swing and I desperately want to ween her off that. She sleeps in her crib at night (after a little fuss and crying), but we heavily rely on the swing for naps....

  3. p.s., i'm totally in awe of moms like you who have a sleep schedule. I've tried...and read Weisbluth, Ferber, baby whisperer - all of it. For instance, how do you have a schedule when the baby wakes up at different times, then everything gets thrown off (because of the 2 hour awake rule, etc.).

  4. She really kind of got on a schedule herself...we started sleep training at 4 months (we let her CIO) and just put her down for her first nap at the same time everyday- she typically slept about the same amount of time each nap so she was almost always on the same schedule. Sometimes she would be awake more than 2 hours, sometimes less than 2 hours- it's not really set in stone. Until we recently went to one nap, she did almost always cry going down for all naps! We never did the swing so I didn't have that issue- she went from the snuggle nest, to her bassinet, to her crib and once she was in the crib (we started putting her in the crib at exactly 4 months), she ALWAYS slept there for all sleeping, no exceptions. I'm not very good at being strict, but sleeping was the one thing I was super duper strict about! ;)

  5. thanks!! I'm going to try putting her down at about the same time and just let her CIO. I have 5 days off in a row in the last week of December so I'll try then. Thanks again, sorry for hijacking your post!