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Sunday, December 12, 2010

BIG Weekend...not really, but it was to us

(1) We had a much needed date night at Simply Fondue with friends, and it was really just a ridiculous amount of food but quite good.  And I didn't have a gall bladder attack this time (last time I had fondue in 2001, I ended up in the emergency room thinking I was for sure dying, but alas, I was having a gall bladder attack).

(2) I had a much needed hair appointment.  I book them 2.5-3.5 months in advance because my girl is hard to get an appointment with, and I  Ever.

(3) I chickened out on going to AZ.  I'm out the money for my non-refundable ticket.  But the good news is that I got some much needed Christmas shopping done in the late afternoon after my hair appointment rather than running around like a headless chicken trying to get ready for a 7 a.m. flight, which is what I thought I was going to be doing on Saturday. :)

(4) Now, the BIG news...ELLA SAID "DOG" and SIGNED "MORE".  Hurray!

She often says "d" words that we think mean certain things (such as doggie), but we're never sure since she says them all the time.  On Saturday, someone had a giant poodle in Gap (do not ask me why), and she ran right up to it, pointed, and said "DOG!"  I should have known that would be her first certain and understandable word since her love for Rylee far surpasses most know, like her need to say 'mama'.

Given her lack of speech, we resorted to teaching her signs, which I was initially against because I heard that it can inhibit speech.  That is until someone told me that their child's speech therapist actually works on signing with them!  So we've been working on the signs for "eat", "more" and "all done".  On Saturday, I was feeding her the ever popular snap pea crisps, and she reeeeeeally wanted another one, so she looked right at me and signed "more" perfectly!  It was so cute.

(5) And now, onto Ella's Day at the Mall and Santa Excursion...before we begin the story, please keep in mind that my child has not one ounce of stranger/separation anxiety.  Never has.  She never cries for us.  She will go to a.n.y.o.n.e.  Literally- man, woman, child, murderer, whoever.  Ok, back to the story...

Since we weren't on a plane on Sunday, as planned, Ella and I decided to meet grandma at South Coast Plaza to look at all the decorations and meet Santa.

It all started out well.  She was having the time of her life in line zigzagging through all the people and stopping to play and/or wave with each and every child in line...

We were even talking to the other parents, telling them how we know she won't cry because she will and always has gone to anyone without a problem, even if we leave the room.  So grandma handed her to the sweetest Santa ever, and this happened immediately... 

But then we thought things were looking up...


Not to take away from her traumatic experience, but it was pretty funny.  There is clearly something inherently scary about Santa.  Poor guy.

Anyway, she was fine after Santa was out of the picture. She loved the carousal reindeer and gigantic Christmas tree...

Once we set her free to run through the mall, it was all over...she was in HEAVEN!

We're going to try Santa again at Fashion Island...she has two Christmas dresses so we really have no choice. ;)

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