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Sunday, May 2, 2010


What have we been up to...

*Went to the Angel game with Julie & Ryan (we won...yay!).
*Playdates and mommy group things- went on a walk on Hicks Canyon Trail with 7 other moms, which was really fun...lots planned this week!
*Practicing sitting up- Ella is doing really well.
*Going to the dog park, which both our furbaby and human baby L.O.V.E.
Check out this succession of photos...I think this is evidence that we DO need at least 5 more dogs. :)
*Lounging on Sunday mornings.
*Went to Downtown LA with Julie and got all sorts of stuff to start being my crafty self again!
*Went to dinner with my parents at BJ's, where Ella wore a yellow tutu and hot pink shoes...Thank you Auntie Julie for letting me borrow Olivia's pretty pink crib shoes!  So I decided I would wear my new hot pink thongs to match. ;)

1 comment:

  1. What a cutie in her summer blues and white flower headband! We have a large amount of creative hair accessories for the lil' princesses if you ever get a chance to check it out.
    We are local and offer local pick up! You can email me for the offer code if you see some items you like. Your daughter is adorable!!