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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cuteness & Photography

This post is partially a photo drop-off of the utter cuteness that is my little love bug, but also, to admit that I STILL shoot in "P" program mode 99.99% of the time and to beg for a photography intervention!

These were taken with my 35mm 1.8, but they still aren't sharp enough or bright enough (and the room was pretty well lit with natural light).  I wish someone would come into my room and say, you need to shoot with aperture 2.4 and shutter of 1/500 or whatever in this room.  I just can't figure it out!  Admittedly, it's hard to figure out when you a.l.w.a.y.s. shoot in P mode, but whenever I try to shoot in manual, I just get frustrated!  You'll notice these pictures are mostly too dark, and then also some sort of blurry (the feet shots). 

Ella is loving this position lately...halfway stuck under our bed...go figure.
These all turned out slight dark...
And then these are blurry-ish and the color is off or washed out? (But don't you just want to eat those little feet?!)
These two just constantly crack me up...such love.


  1. Love the facial expressions and Yes! the feet look so yummy! Can I ask you a stroller question? Since you were raving about the UppaBaby Vista, I checked it out and love it way more than the bugaboo. Well, my MIL (through hubby) thinks I should register for the Graco because for $250ish, it includes the carseat, etc. So, I assume you have a car seat separate and apart from the Uppa stroller? If so, which one? I just DON'T want a Graco stroller! Is that so unreasonable? I want to justify getting the UppaVista even if I just buy it myself :-)

  2. Gary wanted me to get a Graco system too, and I absolutely refused, so no, you are not unreasonable! I have the Graco Snugride 32 infant carseat in the Rittenhouse pattern. Here it is:
    I have the adapter for the Uppa so I can snap my carseat onto the Uppa frame.
    We also have the Britax Boulevard convertible carseat, but you don't really need that until they are older.
    Obviously I have no personal experience with the Graco strollers, but I've heard they are not very good quality (i.e. fall apart) and a very not smooth ride.

  3. I think the pictures look pretty good! I can only shoot in the automatic modes too - I leave all that aperture stuff to the hubby... men are into all that techno jumbo. A few things that helped though are we bought a really nice flash that can point up instead of at the subject as well as some nicer lenses.
    I think you're doing great though.

  4. oh and I just thought of something. I always adjust the brightness of photos really easily with the picasa app. It's free to download and a really simple way to quickly edit photos - there are other neat and easy tools besides brigtening. Maybe you already use this but just thought I'd mention it.

  5. I've sort of become obsessed with photography since getting my DSLR so I actually DO already have one of those flashes! But I still prefer to never use a flash if at all possible because I prefer the look with no flash, and without all the studio items, even with that flash, the lighting gets too harsh for me!

    Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check out picasa...I actually just downloaded photoshop elements (free trial) because I want to check it out, maybe use that as my editor and then move up to real photoshop when I'm better and more proficient at it.

    It's crazy to enjoy something this much, but just not be great at it...I'm such a perfectionist that I feel like all my pictures are craptastic! ;) Then I see other people's pictures on other blogs, and I get jealous!