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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun Day!

Julie and Ava came to play with us today, and it was so good to see them.  I'm used to seeing Julie everyday at work so I miss her!  Ava has the prettiest big blue eyes, and don't get me started on how good Julie looks only 3 months after giving birth!

This is Ella's "hey, wait a minute sucka" look...
The "HELLO lady, pay attention to me"...
Then she decided she wanted to hug her friend...
But then, she thought it would be a good idea to kick her in the face & head...and grab her pants? Gary teaching her mixed martial arts?

Before J & A came over, I let Ella go down with a lovey because she had been crying in her crib.  I went in to go get it out of the crib after she was asleep, and I found her smooshed against her bumper with her arm stuck up behind her back, yet still clutching onto her lovey!

After our visit from J & A, it was time for me to have a mom's night out with Molly and Jennifer...woot woot!  Ms. preggers even drove me so that I could drink...thanks Molly!


  1. OMG, I die. The picture of them hugging is so beyond cute!!!

  2. They're so cute together. And both gorgeous! :) (Ava looks SO much like a Cabbage Patch Kid (that's a compliment in my book) with her cute tuft of hair, those adorable cheeks and those AMAZING blue eyes!)

    Is that a SwaddleDesigns lovey? M has one, too, but he never really got attached to it. I still leave it in his crib everyday, but he just tosses it aside (literally -- he throws it out of his way). I kinda wanna steal it from him. ;) They're SO soft!!

  3. It's a Little Giraffe blanky...they have them at Nordstrom...they are SO stinkin' soft. Here is the link if you're interested!

    Oh, and Ella isn't really into them either...that's actually the first time she had 'slept' with one, and I think she was clutching it more because she was mad than out of snuggleness! ;)