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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friends and Blankets and Sewing, Oh My!

I finished Ella's blanket this weekend, and I think it turned out great! It's really big and cuddly, and when I wrapped Ella in it, she seemed to love cuddling with it.

The white minky dot.
And a bunch of my little chicken modeling for me.

On Saturday night we had Geoff, Michelle, Peyton & Logan over for dinner. Ella is in LOVE with the girls. She was mesmerized by them, and consequently, in the best mood ever! Even though she does like and is interested in other babies, I think the older girls were just too cool for school to her. ;)

I spent most of the rest of the weekend sewing and designing...the creative juices are flowing!


  1. That blanket is AMAZING! I seriously would love to order one for Poppy. When are you opening your shop?!

  2. The blanket is adorable!!!! It turned out AMAZING. You may be onto a part time crafty something here :)

  3. I wanted to ask you, did you try acupunture during any of your rounds of IVF? I just wondered if it helps with infertility? I am running into dead ends with it and I can't find anyone to ask about the topic?

  4. Temre... you have inspired my to break out my sewing machine and get busy!

    Have you found a good fabric store around here? If so, please share!

  5. Nothing around here other than Joann's! There is a cute fabric store with really nice fabrics called Calico Corner, I think it's in Laguna Hills...I've been meaning to go though!