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Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Weekend

We had a very busy and fun holiday weekend!

On Friday, Ella and I went to lunch with Holly and Quinn...E was all over Q trying to pull of his bib and socks.  Q is about 2 months younger than E so Gary says E is a "cougarette". ;)  I'm trying to teach her that she needs to be demure and make the boys chase HER!

On Saturday, we went to a bbq in Holly and Kristin's development, which is right by our house.  Ella didn't try to rip Quinn's clothes this time, but she did have quite a conversation with Audrey.

On Sunday, we went down to San Diego to visit Katie, Bryan and Brett and see their new house.  Katie is due in a few weeks so it's probably the last time we'll see her pregnant!

Brett was very nice and shared all his toys with Ella.
Including his Tickle Me Elmo, which Ella thought was hilarious at first...
But then she decided it was too much, and we got the infamous quivering lip...
Brett gave Uncle Gary a high five.
And Ella wore her cute Amy Coe bling sandals so she would look nice for her cousin. ;)

When we got home, she decided to take a dip in the pool because it was so nice out.
But quickly decided the water was too cold and wanted out.  Fast.

On Monday, we went to a bbq at my parents' house to celebrate Memorial Day.  When we got home, we hung out with the neighbors out front.  Ella was squealing watching the older kids play in the street...she loves our next door neighbors!

I love long weekends...especially when it's 80 degrees outside!!!

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