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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

GREAT weekend.  We met at the park to play with Ella's new friends, Nathan and Cadence, then we had dinner at one of our favorite places, True Food Kitchen, with Everett's future girlfriend, Avery- she is adorable!!

Sunday morning I woke to a bed full of presents, but the best part was Ella running over to my side of the bed yelling, "happy mother's day mama!" and proudly handing me a piece of wrapping paper.  I said, "is this for me?!", and she was so excited- "YES!"

One of the best gifts was Amy Atlas' new book Sweet Designs.
I feel like she and I are sort of soul sisters...we are both lawyers with a passion for sweets, baking, perfect parties and all things creative.  The difference being that she is no longer lawyering, but rather, doing what she loves for a living!  Oh, and the fact that she is much better at it than me. ;)

We went to brunch with my mama...

Where Ella and a the little girl sitting next us started a dance the time we left, there were about 7 kids dancing!

We went to the Spectrum to do a little shopping and ride the carousel and then went to the pool.  I ended the day by ditching the husband and kids for dinner and drinks with a friend (woo hoo!), and to top it off, I took not one, but TWO naps this weekend! Mother's Day should be every month. :)

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