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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ella & Mommy Day!

Ella has been very clingy to me lately, and crying (sometimes hysterically) when I leave, and I realized that I literally have not had one day alone with her since Everett was born almost SIX months ago!  So I had my mom take Everett today, and I spent the whole day alone with Ella. :)  We had to do some errand-y type things, but we also went to the zoo...

I get a lot of alone time with Everett, which I love, but I miss girlie time with my baby girl!

One of the things we had to do was go to my office (which she loved, and she has been asking to go back to mommy's work all day) to pick up my new iphone.  That's right, I had to give up my Blackberry.  So far, I HATE the iphone.  I miss you Blackberry!  People keep telling me I will learn to love it so I'm just waiting for that to happen. ;)

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