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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Recommendations & Parent/Teacher Conference

We had Ella's parent/teacher conference yesterday (yes, they do those for 2 year olds!).  It went great.  Her teacher said they absolutely love her, and they would love if she would start going full time so they could have her more (I almost said that if they will let her go the rest of the days for free, we have a deal!).  The word they used to describe her is "friendly" and said she has no problem making friends. :)  She is very on track for a 2 year old, and apparently does lots of stuff at school that we didn't know she could do!  We asked about pushing, and she said she has seen her push or pull hair (huh?  I've never seen her do that!), but that she doesn't really do it anymore, which is what I've noticed as well (thank God the pushing phase seems to be ending).  Honestly, the best thing I heard was that they love her, because really, at two, what more can you ask for then sending your baby somewhere that she is loved? 

I forgot to add that her teacher said she is VERY into the art projects and singing/dancing, but not so much into the science projects...hmm...I wonder if we have a little actress/artist on our hands as opposed to a doctor? ;)
This is how she organized her babies.  And no, she is not wearing pants.  
The kid is not fond of wearing pants in the house.  What can you do?

I've compiled another list of recommendations.  First, some food loves...
(1) Movie Theater Popcorn from Trader Joes.  So salty and delicious.

(2) S'mores ice cream sandwiches from Trader Joes.  They are actually evil.  But sooooooo good.

(3) Ultra Chocolate ice cream from Trader Joes.  Ok, I don't even like chocolate ice cream.  Not even a little.  But for some reason it sounded good one day, and now I'm addicted.  Try this.  Even if you hate chocolate ice cream.  It's so delicious.  And it has the perfect consistency.  Not the nasty whipped texture that Dryers has now.

(4) Trader Joes Corn Pasta.  For those gluten free-ers out there (which we are here when it comes to pasta since Gary refuses to eat regular pasta), it's a thousand times better than the brown rice pasta.  Not only does it taste better (and basically just like regular pasta), but it holds up well in baked pasta dishes unlike brown rice pasta, which gets mooshy.

And now, the three best toys we've purchased to date.  Meaning Ella plays with them often, and every single child that comes to our house plays with them as well.
(1) Kidkraft retro kitchen and refrigerator.

(2) Step 2 Neat & Tidy Cottage.  Not only is this one of the cutest (plastic) playhouses out there, it's the perfect size.  Not very big, but big enough for the kids to comfortably play.  It has a working doorbell and phone, shutters that open and close and a floor (some playhouses don't have floors).  There are tons of choices of playhouses, and I definitely recommend this one- cute, good price, perfect size.

(3) Pink Circo (Target brand) shopping cart.  Ella loves this thing!  More than all her doll strollers and other push toys.  It's nice too because it's cute and small.

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  1. GREAT recs and yippee for good conference! F has hers in April sometime, i'm so impressed by GS!