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Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Weekend with SUCCESS!

I made my Easter topiaries...even though we're not having anyone over for Easter!  At least we had friends over and grammy and pop pop came to visit so a few people could enjoy them while we ate!  If you would like to make some, the instructions are here.

We found out that if you leave a 5 year old and two 2.5 year olds alone in a room with a large couch and lots of cushions while you eat dinner with friends in the other room, this will happen...

No joke, we had no idea they did this, and we walked in the room with every cushion on the floor and all three kids jumping off the couch onto the cushions!!!!

Aaaaaand, we *finally* moved Ella into her big girl room for her nap on Sunday.  It started out pretty shaky- she was crying hysterically.  We finally just left the room, she cried a bit longer and then started reading Llama Llama to her babies.  Eventually she fell asleep and didn't even get out or fall out of the bed (I don't have side rails on it)!  I was still really worried for nighttime...another crying fit and after we left the room, she was screaming for me (which of course made me want to immediately go in to her), but she fell asleep even faster than she did for her nap!  She slept through the night (my biggest fear about moving her) and didn't fall out- SUCCESS!  Everett is finally in the nursery- hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you love my little dancer doing her stretches before ballet class?! ;)

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