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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everett at 10 Weeks

Everett had his 10 week appointment today (although he is actually 10w5d today).  He is 4w4d adjusted.  He is only in the 2nd to 3rd percentile actual for height and weight, but about the 50th percentile adjusted.  He is 9 pounds and 21 inches.  Ella was 8.5 pounds and 21 inches at her 10 week appointment so they are very close in size!  Hopefully Everett stays as tall as Ella because she is going to be super tall, and I don't want him to get a complex!  His head is enormous- the 90th percentile!!  It's so weird because Ella has and always had a pretty small head- I think it was usually in the 40th-ish percentile.

He's up to 3 oz. per bottle, but I can't get him to go longer than 3 hours between feedings still during the day!  The ped said this is good because he's stocking up during the day so he can go longer at night, and he encouraged me to stay on the 3 hour daytime schedule.  He still goes from 10:30 p.m. to 3 or 4 a.m., but last night he went until 4:40 a.m.! 

He makes tons of eye contact and tracks like a champ, but he's still not smiley.  We *think* he started smiling this week (just before 10 weeks), but it's hard to tell because it's very infrequent.  He did seem to give Ella a BIG smile last night (aww, the mutual love), and I think he gave me a few smiles this morning so maybe we are going to start getting them more often soon!

He is still SUCH a good baby.  Loves to be held.  I think he's going to be much more affectionate then Ella was because he makes tons more eye contact and always wants to be held, whereas Ella could not care less if you were holding her or not!

Ella rocking her boots...
 Look at how well I can sit up!

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  1. You have really cute kids! You are very bless!!